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Memories of Fawdon

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Tyne and Wear memories

Those Were The Days

High Street 1956, Gosforth
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I remember Gosforth High Street as a being a fun place with all the great shops; the Toy Cupboard now Robinsons, the photography shop, there was Maynards the sweet shop, Boydelles the toy shop, and Moods which was a gift shop. I remember in the 1960's they would use the old war sirens if there was a fire anyway, to warn people they were releasing the fire engines. There was a supermarket called Robson and Porterys and then it change hands and became Broughs. All the shops were individuals like you had the greengrocers, Boots the Chemist, the bakers, the butchers, the grocers, the sweet shop, and the irommongers. Not forgetting the fish shop and I used to love Woolworths, and that is where I got my first 45 rpm single, it cost me 40p and then went up to 45p. Those were the days; Another favourite shop of mine was Moods, they sold Troll products to Biro gift pens and there was even a wool shop. They also had... Read more

Growing up in Gosforth 1960-1980

High Street 1956, Gosforth
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I am young enough to remember Gosforth as a thriving High Street and as a boy buying models from Boydells and my first singles from Woolworths, getting the 45 back and forth with my older brother to go to school too - we were 7 and 8. Witnessing the carnage as traffic volumes and lack of parking killed off many of the shops which became building societies, estate agents and shops full of bric-a-brac. After two decades of traffic congestion I believe the High Street is once again becoming a focal point for the community. At the top of this shot in the rain I shunted my mum's brown Mini into the back of a VW Beetle on my first 'accident.' I'd been driving for less than a year. At the age of 8 or so I narrowly escaped being flattend by a white Rover whilst cycling across a junction after the lights had changed. I'm still here!

Shops I Have Loved...

High Street 1956, Gosforth
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I grew up in Bath Terrace in the early 1960s and the photo of Wilkinsons brought back memories of its pre-supermarket days of high dark wood counters, butter in barrels and the smell of roasting coffee. Pumphreys with the pastel coloured sugars and exotic coffee beans, Moods where I bought a first gift for my mother of a tiny china cat in a woven basket (I still have it), Thorpes the hardware shop which I think is still there....I have the family's first electric Xmas tree lights we bought from there! They still work and have never needed a new bulb! Paradise slices from Robson and Porteous, wonderful creamcakes and Shrewsbury biscuits from the delectable Smythes, sweets and the first soft ("Tastee-Freez") ice cream from Hennells, Arkles the butchers where huge knives were wielded so noisily on the wooded butcher's block that my little brother and I were scared to go in. Henderson's the greengrocer, the Royalty cinema of course endlessly playing the Shadows' "Wonderful Land" between items. The Toddle... Read more

When Diod 60 Chestnut Avenu Get Billt

When did 60 Chestnut Avenue get built?


Growing up and living in Lindfield Avenue, playing football in the street or up at Blakelaw Park with my brother Ken. Later playing for Montague and North Fenham Boys Club under Dicky Almond (Big Dick). Some games later for West End Boys club. Rokeby and Blakelaw Social Club. Earlier memories of playing around the streets, sledging in the snow and playing around in the old air raid shelters on Stamfordham Road. Dad (Mr Lydon) used to play the bagpipes in the garden and in the street.

Blakelaw 1962 1982

1962 - 1982, growing up in Blakelaw, living in Lindfield Avenue going to the Walling Infant and Junior School, Blakelaw Lower and Upper School. Playing football using the garden gates as goals, playing football for Blakelaw Boys Club and Blakelaw Social Club, going for a pint in The Rokerby and The Balloon with my dad as a youngster. Playing in the quarry at the top of Sunnyway, which is now Blakelaw shops and flats, playing in the old prefabs houses that where being pulled down at Cragston Park.

Trams, Markets And Bright Yellow Trolly Buses

The Quayside 1928, Newcastle Upon Tyne
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With big hugs from waiting family on one of the many platforms that was Central Station, we hurried though the noise and clouds of steam towards the station exit and into the eyes gazing in wonderment at all the the grand buildings, trams and bright yellow trolly buses, we had nothing like it in our Hampshire town, our railway station had but two platforms and the largest building was the Empire picture house. The queues were long for the big yellow trolly bus,but well worth the wait....for me it was a mad scramble up the stairs and right to the front, to get the best veiw...or best veiw possible considering the amount of smoking going on...on the top deck,one look over my shoulder and it was all headscarfs, flat caps and tab ends, a bus-load of British backbone that would ensure that we would win the war one day soon. On our way we would pass a brewery with a smell that lives with me to this day, along with the... Read more

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