Fleet, Connaught Road 1920

Fleet, Connaught Road 1920

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Memories of Fleet

My School

court moor school i Shirley McKeeman went to courtmoor school as did my sisters mary and veronica aka bonny McKeeman i left in the 70s but have good memories of being there .

A memory of Fleet by Shirley Forshaw

Family Home

This beautiful house was owned by my grandparents many years ago and was the first place I lived, such a crying shame it is now flats, a piece of family history gone....

A memory of Fleet by Louise Clark

Two Sisters Marry Two Brothers

My mother, Marline Eager, of 125 Clarence Road married my father, John Mcgonagal McKeeman. Marline's sister, Dourthy married John's brother William, the first and only double wedding in Fleet on 12th March 1952. ...Read full memory

A memory of Fleet by Shirley Forshaw

My Hometown

I was born and raised in the Fleet area. My dad (Leonard) had a shop in the High Street, and I used to be friends with Christine who lived at the very top of the High Street, her dad also had a shop. I knew this area well and I ...Read full memory

A memory of Fleet

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