Flixton, Woodsend Road c.1965

Flixton, Woodsend Road c.1965

Neg. F162011

Memories of Flixton

Saturday Matinee

I always attended the 'Saturday matinees' during the late 50's at the Curzon cinema. Happy childhood days!

A memory of Flixton by Larry Gilsenan

Barrets Butchers

I used to work at Barrets butchers in about 1982 with my mate Pete Bennett (r.i.p.). A blonde girl called Sharon used to come past everyday on her rollerblades - fond memories.

A memory of Flixton by Chris Bushell

The Red Lion

I lived about 150m from here from 1953 till 1968. This is 'The Red Lion' (the Red Lion pub is just out of shot at the left). Visible shops include Haslams newsagents, Traynors butchers, a greengrocer, grocer and (by this time?) a ...Read full memory

A memory of Flixton by Roger Hare

Park Hospital

A little bit of history here, folks! Famous for being the location where I had my tonsils out in 1955 (or6?). Also famous (or it should be) for being the very first hospital incorporated into the National Health Service on (I ...Read full memory

A memory of Flixton by Roger Hare
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