Flixton, Woodsend Road c.1965

Flixton, Woodsend Road c.1965

Neg. F162011

Memories of Flixton

Saturday Matinee

I always attended the 'Saturday matinees' during the late 50's at the Curzon cinema. Happy childhood days!

A memory of Flixton by Larry Gilsenan

News Agent In Flixton

Does anyone remember a news agents in flixton ?The owner Ernie Stimpson son Brian ! He was my grandfather and trying to locate where it was as I was only 5 1973

A memory of Flixton by hopwood_karen

Moorside Road Shops

This picture is taken from the roundabout at the junction of Moorside road and Woodsend Road. The Shopping Centre featured on another of these photographs is behind the photographer and to the right, about 150m away. The ...Read full memory

A memory of Flixton by Roger Hare

Barton Swing Bridge

Not in Flixton really - Davyhulme, I think. The bridge spans the Manchester Ship Canal, Eccles is on the other side of the bridge. The famous Barton Aqueduct carrying the Bridgewater Canal over the Ship Canal is obscured by the small building on the right.

A memory of Flixton by Roger Hare

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