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Godalming British School

The British Schools 1905, Godalming
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I remember the British School so well, especially the headmistress at the time, Miss Gilbert. She was very strict, but generally fair, and much respected by my parents. One thing that stays in my memory is the enormous rocking horse which lived in the hall; it probably wasn't as large as I remember it, and it was already quite an old horse with a real horsehair tail. I remember also Miss Gollop who I think may have taught me to knit; the first thing I made was a scarlet teacosy. I think she also taught the recorder. There wasn't enough room for the children to eat school lunches at the school so we used to walk, crocodile fashion, to a church hall further up the road to eat. I remember Mrs Wharfe, who must have been an assistant or secretary, who took pity on me when I couldn't eat anything with dried fruit in (still can't) and squashed it between the plates when she was clearing the tables. I... Read more

Memories of Farncombe

Holloway Hill 1910, Godalming
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73,Birch Road is where I lived from 1960 onwards. My family moved there in 1960 and I went to George Road School in 1962 during the coldest winter ever. The toilets used to freeze which was great as we would get time off as the toilets were outside. In 1964 I went to St Johns School and my teachers were; Mrs Ruddock, Mrs Want and Mr Sharp, the latter was my favourite. I used to go to Saturday morning pictures by train every week with Karen Carstairs. I spent most time with my grandparents at 66, Green Lane, they were Bill and Emily Gale. 1968 and after only 2 weeks at Broadwater School my families home was ruined in the '1968 floods' and we were moved to 73, Green Lane. By now I had 2 brothers; David and Andy, Geoff came along in 1970. In 1970 I had my first little job, an evening paper round delivering the London Evening News. I would go to Farncombe Station to pick up... Read more

'Down Yer 'Wey'.

Old Boarden Bridge 1906, Godalming
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Moved to Farncombe in 1942 from Datchet, but evacuated originally from Barking, London. I remember arriving at my new home at 1 Tudor Circle. My Step-father was a fireman in the AFS, who's own father, George Elliott, was employed as a Shepherd watching sheep in the top fields on the left before Binscombe. Shepherds in those days were well looked after by the farmer, as a good shepherd could save many a lamb at lambing time. George used to bring home a rabbit or two during the War as he was well practised with a catapult having much time on his hands when sheep watching. I remember 'Pop' Gibson, the Headmaster at the Junior school, who would award a 'George' medal for reciting a poem from memory - the medal being... Read more

The Licenced Victualler

The White Hart 1906, Godalming
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My great-grandfather Walter Alfred BEARMAN was the 'pub manager' in 1908. He was married to Helen Mary Bearman and had been resident in Godalming for some time, the earliest I am aware of was 1899 when my grandfather's sister was born. Walter was originally the blacksmith in Godalming. There is a picture in the Frith gallery of two children standing on the streetside under the blacksmith sign. The two children are my grandfather Cyril Wallace George Bearman, and his elder sister Irene May.  When Walter took a change of career I am not sure, sometime between 1903 and 1908. My great-grandmother divorced him in 1908, virtually unheard-of for a woman to do, and she cited violence, drunken ways, and the fact that he committed adultery 'frequently' with a local woman called Annie Simmonds, who bore him a child on 22 September 1908!

Godalming 1947-1965

My first memories relate to living opposite the Church of St Peter and St Paul. Cubs up Charterhouse Rd with Miss Alden and later with Mr Keen or Kean (who worked for Gochers) as Scout Master. Then, the choir at the age of seven. The Rev'd Oldham was the Vicar. WWL Baker the Organist. My introduction to Church music and appreciation of it, which has lasted ever since. The 'Bell School', Mr Heptinstall the headmaster and Mr Jenkins an important influence, and then Meadrow County Sec' which the future for those who had 'failed' wasn't inspiring. Luckily, several teachers did inspire, notably Mr Griffiths (French) and Mrs Vink (English). Playing in the Phillips and cricket next to the Phillips with a friend after school. Supporting Godalming United FC on a Saturday afternoon with Jimmy Pugmore speeding down the wing. Dennis Paine in defence (worked for Barclays Bank in town). The Aypa, a church youth club which consisted of teenagers from across the whole social spectrum in Godalming. A benefit to... Read more

RAC Scout at Pepperpot

Traffic Control 1935, Godalming
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Arthur Bradshaw My great grandfather.

RAC Scout at Pepperpot

Market House 1935, Godalming
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My great grandfather, Arthur Bradshaw of 36 Kings rd (THEN CHURCH RD). He was also photographed by J H Muddle for the coronation of king george,on duty as the town celebrated.

Another Minister

Congregational Church 1898, Godalming
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My father was the minister of the Baptist Church in Queen Street from 1962 until 1970. The little church was too small to hold his welcome services so these were held in the Congregational Church, with tea in the hall. He often preached in this church on Good Feiday and Christmas Day when the non conformist churches held a united service. When I was old enough I used to attend a Bible Class called Crusaders which was held in the small hall, and we used to rush around the large hall before and afterwards. The Congregational church has now lost its spire and has been turned into the restaurant called 'Bel and the Dragon'. The church has amalgamated with the Methodist church across the bridge and is known as Godalming United Church.

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