Godalming, Surrey
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Historic maps of Godalming and the local area, hand-drawn by Ordnance Survey cartographers and Samuel Lewis.

Memories Of Farncombe

73,Birch Road is where I lived from 1960 onwards. My family moved there in 1960 and I went to George Road School in 1962 during the coldest winter ever. The toilets used to freeze which was great as we would get time ...Read full memory

A memory of Godalming by Pete Covey

My Grandmother

My grandmother lived in Godalming at 20 Pound Lane, her name Annie Winter. She used to work in the Milk Bar in the High Street with a lady named Mrs Margaret Barnes. She did not die until 1977 and is buried alongside her ...Read full memory

Phillips Memorial

I worked at Smiths Industries and when it was nice weather some of the other girls and I would take our lunch and sit in by the fish pond. I often wonder what happened to the others when Smiths moved. It was previously Waymouth Gauges near Godalming Station.

A memory of Godalming by Mary Hartnett