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My Home

The Triangle c1955, Hackbridge
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I lived in Hackbridge from 1942 to 1953 at the Hackbridge Drill Hall. I was a school girl when I went there and a married woman with a family when we left. My father died while in the Army employ. I came back to England in 2011 on a sentimental trip and when I saw what had happend to the lovely house I was so upset. I tried to find my way around but it was so changed. I am now 85 years old, a widow, and would like to visit again. We left England in 1962 so it was a bit of a shock, so I will remember my little town as I knew it. I wonder if anyone I knew are still alive and in Hackbridge?

Hackbridge Triangle

The Triangle c1955, Hackbridge
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I remember well the Post Office on the corner where the bus parked. This shop also sold groceries with fresh ham and bacon hanging up behind the counter. Next door was a Wavy Line, a newsagents, the oil shop run by the Harris's, Stanards the greengrocers, a chemist and a Lloyds bank branch. The opposite parade of shops were a tile shop, a bakers, a hairdressers, the Buffet cafe run by John and Beryl Harris, another sweet shop. I have missed out a few shops but that was Hackbridge Corner as we called it.


The Triangle c1955, Hackbridge
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Today, all the shops have changed. On the right there's an Indian resturant, a shop, a cafe, a tile shop and a salon. Directly ahead, there are 3 shops; one is also a post office. There is also a betting shop, a funeral parlour, but I think it's a hairdressers now, a kebab shop, a chip shop and an Indian take-away shop. The bus stop you see on the left have been moved back a bit. And the little garden-like thing you see on the left was once an office block and a car park. But that was demolished in 2011 and the site is now being made into flats.

Beddington Corner 1940-1957

The Old Red Lion c1955, Hackbridge
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I lived in Seymour Road, Beddington Corner from 1940 until my parents moved to Carshalton in 1957. As a child I first attended Hackbridge infants school followed by the junior school and finally on to the dizzy heights of Elmwood County Secondary, having failed the 11 plus which was rigged in those days so that the bulk of the 10\% who passed came from a private prep school called Collingwood paid for by parents who could afford it. My parents were honest working class, Mum looked after the house and us and Dad worked at Mullards for a modest wage. I had a wonderful childhood despite the war with little traffic around we played in the streets ,yes Orchard avenue rec, New Road, York Street, etc .But best of all was Mill Green and Mitcham Common just down the road . They were allowed to grow wild during the war to save labour I suppose, but it meant that the wildlife and flora were never disturbed ,Butteflies abounded, all... Read more


The Old Red Lion c1955, Hackbridge
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I lived in Orchard Avenue, number 4, when the whole road was mock Tudor exteriors. I had quite a shock to revisit a few years ago to see them all plastered over and looking very tired.  In the l950s and early 1960s when I lived here we had a red phone box and blue police box at the top of the road.  The church was over the road and the rec was at the bottom of Orchard Avenue.  Mullards was the factory whose outside wall backed onto the rec.  We has two swings there and that was all, there was a small entrance leading into Culvers Avenue, leafy and unmade up road, and the entrance into Mullards where our mother worked part time.  During school holidays we waited outside the factory gates for her. The sewage farm at the top (London Road) used to stink to high heaven and I can't imagine what it's like living on the new housing there now. Hackbridge Station was the gateway to freedom, Croydon... Read more

Elmwood School

I attended Elmwood from 1969 - 1971 I moved from south London to Wallington in 69 and can remember walking through the park from Wallington to Hackbridge some of the names have come back to be after looking at some of the posts on this site Aliffe was head at the time
I was looking for info about the Marconi factory which is still there though now derelict
On lunch time my-self and a school friend wandered into the reception and asked the lady on the desk if we could have a look around. We were shown around by the chief engineer in evening after school ans saw all the quartz crystal grinding and testing process.
Afterwards The engineer (who's name I have sadly forgotten) said that he was getting rid of some old radio kit - As I had just taken my RAE and was starting I got given a 60w AM transmitter and a couple of crystals to get me started on the 2m... Read more

Elmwood 1963-1967

Loved reading some of the old posts on here....I was at Elmwood 1963-67....but most definitely glad to leave when I did. Thanks to everyone for their memories of the old place, just a shame it's all been "moderised" into houses, even the old paper shop "Gears, I think" was converted to a tyre shop, and now part of the house next door. If anyone has memories to add about 1963-67...I for one will be very glad to read them. Thanks in advance.

Hackbridge And Elmwood

Although born in Hackbridge, and bombed out also, we lived with my grandparents at 142 London Road and went to the infants school, junior, and then Elmwood. I was in 4B later, I think it was a bit of a rebel's class. Fred Barty would walk us to the canteen, pick up the old powdered milk tins, and thats what we used to make stuff. We seemed to get the slipper a lot and when I wouldn't let Stacey cane me anymore, I got expelled for a week. No I did not enjoy school very much, also that walk across Beddington Park to the Orphanage swimming pool at 9.30 am for a 58 degree swim, I liked cycle speedway over the Rubber Dump after it had caught fire, what a pong . I would like to meet any old school mates, Peter Seal, Ronnie Maxwell,Ted Polley, Mervyn Garten, John Evans. Also the girls of course, Len Rhodes my cousin I am still in contact with. I... Read more

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