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Hayle Coppersmiths

The Cornish side of my family (Penberthy's) came from Hayle and were mostly all coppersmiths and engineers, apprenticed in Ventonleague I believe, but like many of the Cornish, they had to leave for a better life elsewhere at the very end of the 19th century. My great grandad was a skilled coppersmith and upon moving up into England made copper parts for boat engines and fixed ships out at sea when they were in trouble. I would like to know more about this side of my family

Cornwall memories


Railway Station 1928, Lelant
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In 1976 I worked for the Francis Frith Collection in Baker Street, and then in Charles Street, Berkley Square. In 1977 it was purchased by my then boss, and now friend, Mr. John Buck. We continued to work together from his home in Finchampstead for a short while. I then left to move back to my native Cornwall in October 1977.
When I moved to Cornwall I brought with me about 20 framed Frith prints which I ordered when it was still owned by Rothman's.
In November 1977, my aunt Kathleen called on me at Lelant and said it was her husband's (Louis') birthday and she didn't know what to get for him, so I invited her to look through the 20 framed prints and select one for him. She had much difficulty in deciding as they were all, of course, so good, but finally settled for the one shown, (or one very much like it). She duly presented this to Louis and they were both dumbfounded when he exclaimed... Read more

Railway Station 1928, Lelant
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My memory is of the Cove Cafe in 1991, my name is Chris Broadbent and I now live in North Cheam in Surrey. I spent a glorious summer in Hayle and made friends with Ben Bailey who runs the cafe. I sold ice creams on the beach during the summer season and then spent all the profits on drink in The Bluff pub along the coastline. I was going throuigh a particular lost period in my life and this summer season really calmed me down and gave me focus on where I should be heading. I have recently returned to the area with my family for a short break and was pleased to find Ben and his partner still running the cafe, they wil never know how much that summer meant to my life. I also found out with much sadness that a man nicknamed Podge had recently commited suicide, Podge was also one of the nice people of the world and even though I have not seen him in... Read more

The Best Year of my Life

The Digey 1906, St Ives
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St, Ives born and bred, my family had lived in a couple of houses upalong before moving to 22 The Digey ( the middle door ) sometime in 1967. I remember having my 6th birthday there.  At the time there was a credit squeeze on and my parents could only afford a tiny downalong cottage even though they had sold a large house in Alexandra Road.  Back then the cheapest properties were around the harbour and my poor Mum felt that we had "come down" a fair bit to have to resort to living there, even though she loved the proximity to the beach. My how things do change!
My brother and I enjoyed the best year of our lives living there.  Every day on the beach for hours on end, up to Clodgy or Tregenna Woods or up the Steeple.  Once we took two trips to Seal Island and were gone all day. That was the only time my Mum ever felt a little worried !!!  Like I said... Read more

My Great-Grandfather

Lifeboatmen 1906, St Ives
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I've known of this photo for a long while. The man in the middle of the photo is my great-grandfather who as well as being a Lifeboatman, won many sailing trophies.

Another St Ives Relative

Back Road East 1906, St Ives
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The man on the step here is a distant relative of mine, possibly my great-great grandfather. Another picture that I have known of for ages but never known its origins.

Pedn Olva House

Pedn Olva 1930, St Ives
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I found an old postcard of Porthminster Beach recently in a charity shop in Devon. I was intrigued by the message, it was addressed to a Miss Johnson at Pedn Olva House and something tragic had obviously happened as it talked of being 'verily verily sad' and 'great sorrow'. I would love to know more, or even to pass it on to the family.

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