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We have no photos of Holcot, although we do have photos of these nearby places:

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Memories of Holcot

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Northamptonshire memories

Caravan Rally

The Solarium Hotel c1955, Overstone
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My parents kept our caravan at Overstone - on the far side near the lake. One year, 1953 I think, the National Caravan Rally came to Overstone and the field filled up with hundreds of caravans. I think this photo is the milk queue!

Photo Memories

The Solarium Hotel c1955, Overstone
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I have sepia photos of Overstone - somewhere, I wonder if it is possible that they are Francis Frith images? I have a b&w photo of my mum, my brother and myself sitting in front of a bank of daffodills, I think it was taken on a visit to Overstone. Mum always told me that someone well known had taken the phot.

Stocks Hill.

High Street c1950, Moulton
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Known as Stocks Hill, on the left of the photo is the Coop Drapery Shop. At the side of the shop was an alley and the Coop Bakery was there. The house facing in the picture was Ted Witneys car repair yard, along High Street was Keffords shop, Mrs Briton's drapery shop,The White Lion Pub, Mrs Thompson's shop, she used to open Sunday afternoons for us children when we came out of Sunday School. We would go to the shop with our ration books to get our weekly ration of sweets. Then the Working Mens Club - there use to be a concert in the big room nearly every Saturday or Sunday night. People used to bring their own sandwiches and cold yorkshire pudding. Then Adam's Bake House: when the men used to go to the pub, Sunday lunch time, you would see them walking in the street holding a roasting tin with a teatowel over it. They would take it to Adam's bake house and he... Read more

Mr Tite,S Shop

West Street c1950, Moulton
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My memories of West St, opposite Sid Smith's cobblers shop in the photo, Mr Tite's shop - he used to come down 3 or 4 steps from his living room, he sold lots of halfpenny and penny sweets - the best buy was 1 penny packet of broken crisps. Then the Blue Bell Pub that had a tennis court up the yard behind the pub. My mother used to help there, known to me as Uncle Arch, Aunt Mag, (Mr+Mrs Walker). Uncle Arch was the village milkman. Then Spendloves butchers shop, they used to slaughter at the back. I remember a cottage on fire at the bottom of what is now called Pound Lane, opposite Carey Cottage, my grandfather's sister use to live in Carey Cottage.

Working at The COOP Store.

Cross Street c1955, Moulton
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This used to be a very busy street, with the Coop Store, butchers and the office at the back of the butchers, also the coal yard at the back. I worked at the Coop 1957 to 1963, very happy times. In the winter, the manager, Ron Birch had to go down the cellar and light the boiler with coke from the coal yard to heat the radiators, but it still was very cold. We used to get grocery orders ready; they delivered to Holcot, Overstone, Kettering Rd and Moulton. Fred +Ruby Quincey ran the butchers. Also the Populars Hotel was along here, Very Happy Memories.

My Childhood Memories

High Street c1950, Moulton
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I have some great memories of my childhood in the village, I used to deliver meat on the bike for the Co-op when Fred Quincey was the butcher. I used to deliver it every Tuesday night and Saturday morning, I also helped my uncle Tom Birch on a Sunday with his milk round. I was also involved when the Co-op moved from the old place to where it is now, I remember moving all the stock, my father Bert Earl also worked for the Co-Op. I loved my childhood and teenage days in the village, so many fond memories and some great and loveable characters, never a dull moment. Bob Earl

Visiting Ancestors

My wife and I traveled through Boughton and Greens Norton, on my Greene family ancestor's genealogy trail. We visited the Church of St Bartholomew in Greens Norton, as well as the Church of St John the Baptist in Boughton. The Rector gave us the gate key to the old church ruins about 1/2 mile east of the village, on the northeast corner of what was 'Boughton Green'. We had lunch in the overgrown graveyard next to the rubbled ruins of once was 'St Churches John', once the Chapel of the six generations of Sir Thomas de Grenes who were lords over Boughton. We took many photos and even brought back to America a small piece of limestone window molding we found in the rubble. It was sad to see everything in such a state of disintegration and overgrown. However we basked in the richness of the moment we had to share with the spirits past. It was a lovely moment for me.

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