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Afternoon Drive to Visit The Mast And Enjoy The View.

Holme Moss Television Mast c1955, Holmfirth
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Not too sure of the year; visiting my grandad and granny Haywood who lived up South Lane. As a child it was an adventure to go out in grandad's Morris Minor, it had a nodding dog in the back window. My grandparents had invited some neighbours to come out with us, a Mr and Mrs Charlesworth. I remember us taking a flask of tea, some cake, deck chairs and a car blanket - I wondered where we were going. All in the car ready for the off...ten minutes later we arrived at the Holme Moss television mast, sat on the car blanket eating a slice of cake - home made mmmmmm.. I do remember feeling a bit bored but that's what was classed as a day out, enjoying the view. Would kids do that now?

Holmfirth Memorial Hospital

c1955, Holmfirth
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I was born at this hospital, October 1966, I always thought it was a lovely building. I had to return here about twelve years later to have a tetanus injection after being bitten by a dog. I had a paper round on Dunford Road; I was cutting through the Underbank Club and their alsation dog took a fancy to me, but the most suprising was when I got to the hospitl the nurse annonced that I was one of their babies. At the time I just wanted to leave as soon as possible, but I'm really proud that I was born at Holmfirth Memorial Hospital. I know it's no longer a hospital, I believe it's an old persons rest home - it's a beautiful building with wonderful grounds. I don't live in Holmfirth anymore and have not done for a while now, but I do visit family.

Cartwrights Was That Hinchcliffs in The 70s

Victoria Square 1952, Holmfirth
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My dad worked for Pearl Assurance, and l think at one point in the early 70's the local office was above this shop. I remember it being called Hinchcliffs, they used to sell all sorts; Mr Hinchcliffe was a bit frightening and he had a full beard. His wife was nice though, her name was Jenny and she was a local artist; she produced some plates based on Holmfirth and surrounding areas.

Tramping Over Holmfirth Moss to The Youth Hostel

Holme Moss Television Mast c1955, Holmfirth
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I remember a winter walk in early winter 1966 with a group of friends from Manchester YMCA. We took the bus out to the Pennines and went for a wet, misty and boggy walk over the top towards the Holmfirth Youth Hostel. Our feet kept sinking into calf deep squelchy mud and it was tough slow going!

The TV mast appeared out of the mist and helped us to get our bearings! We were so glad to reach the warmth of the YHA where we cooked ourselves supper in the self-caterers' kitchen!

Back in those days the YHA wardens would stamp your membership card to show you had visited their hostel and it was quite fun accumulating a collection of colourful and artistic stamps!

View From Cliff

c1955, Holmfirth
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View from Cliif across to Quarryfields. showing Hightown Lane and Wood Lane, with Holt Lane at the top and Holt Farm.

Holme Valley Memorial Hospital

c1955, Holmfirth
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View showing Holme Valley Memorial Hosital (in centre of picture).


I think it was 1976 when our dad took us to Holmfirth. He loved watching 'Last of the Summer Wine' which was filmed there. As we were children we sat in the back and watched the hills coming closer and closer. Dad drove careful up the steep hill and down into the small town. After parking we went to see Nora Batty's and Compo's houses. We went to Sid's cafe and followed the path up the steep steps, along the back. After we had sandwiches in our car we went around the church graveyard and up the hill that way. The sights from the top was brilliant and it was peaceful. Sadly we lost both our parents. Bill is dead as are a few more of the stars. We visited two years ago, we had not been there since we was young. My sister and I had our two boys with us. It was so commercialised. I was shocked. There was too many new stores, crowded and hardly any parking. I... Read more

Peace And Open Spaces.

I remember opening my front door and looking around at the beautiful views I could see. I could walk 100 yards in any direction and be in fields. The peace and quiet, and the views were outstanding. It took my breath away. I would go for walks in wind, snow, rain and sunshine. It's the most beautiful place to be, just to sit and listen to the peace and quiet. I'd gaze down to the village of Holmfirth and surrounding scenery. I lived there for 7 years. It broke my heart to leave. It is the most beautiful place to visit and to live. I went back in 2001. The place hasn't changed much. Still quiet and peaceful. The scenery still beautiful. It's like you belong to another world, when you are there. I'm not surprise that 'The Last of the Summer Wine' is filmed there. And a few miles away 'Where the Heart Is'. I'll always remember it with happy thoughts.

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