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Kinmel Bay

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Clwyd memories

Winkups Camp Towyn

Winkups Camp c1955, Towyn
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When I was 18 in 1955 my Mum booked us a Chalet at Winkups Camp, Towyn. There was Mum, stepfather, myself and 3 sisters aged 5yrs, 3yrs and3 months. Off we went from Huddersfield in Yorkshire in our little Austin 7 (I think), I can remember the excitement now. I think my Mum paid £5 for the week, anyway on arrival we all piled out of the car and Mum went to register in, the lady came and looked at us in dismay and said "But you've only booked for four people". Mum said but there are only four, 3 adults, 2 children make another one, and you can't count a baby, the last bit said with almost a note of triumph, no more was said about that and she led us to our "chalet" which was in fact a hen hut. I'm not saying it had ever been used for hens, but the little gaps that the hens were supposed to use had been boarded over, so it was... Read more


Winkups Camp c1955, Towyn
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I grew up in Towyn and lived in the same bungalow on Towyn Way West until I got married in 1985 at the ripe old age of 31 and moved to Rhyl. My Great Aunt Sarah owned Browns Holiday Camp with Mr Brown from before the Second World War and my mother and father worked on the camp until it was sold in the 1960s. It was just like 'Hi De Hi' in those days, my father did everything from organising the sports days, cinema, fancy dress competitions, Friday night dance to building chalets, emptying the bins, mowing the grass and general all round jack of all trades. My brother and I played on the Camp (as we called it) and made many friends. I remember some of the holiday homes were old trams, not like the modern caravans of today. There used to be bikes to hire and Mr Lord would take photographs of the holiday makers and sell the photos from a booth... Read more

Ty-Gynn Caravan Site

Winkups Camp c1955, Towyn
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Hi, My family used to holiday in a caravan on Ty-gynn (sorry unsure of the spelling) camp site, we holidayed there from the late 1960's to about 1974. The caravan belonged to the mother of a work mate of my late father, the caravan had no electricity, was lit by Calor Gas, it also had no running water, we loved it. Every morning Dad would take my brother & myself (my little sister later as she was not born until 1969 so didn't go until 1970 ) for a walk along the beach, over the level crossing to the beach. Some days we walked to the iron bridge, up & over it & then through, I think it went through the "Robin Hood" camp site or was it "The Golden Gate" camp site, or we would walk up to Pensarn's beach, then back to the caravan for breakfast. Oh! the wonderful smell of bacon cooking. After breakfast it was ready for the day on the beach. In the evenings we... Read more

Hot Dog Van

Winkups Camp c1955, Towyn
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Years ago I remember going to Towyn as a child with my parents. We had a caravan on one of the sites - not sure which one as both have passed on now, so until I can contact my cousins it remains a mystery to me - but going through old photos I found a pic of our hot dog van that we used to have on the sea front there in the 60s. From what I remember, it was sited on the slip ramp by an old mine, but seem to remember two pools were nearby also and my brother was freinds with a gift shop owners children too - their mother's name was Blodwyn. Does anyone remember the hot dog van the back then, I would love to hear an thing of the memories of it.

1968 to 1976

Winkups Camp c1955, Towyn
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We took our children every year from 1968 till 1976. There was a building near the beach behind Kinmel Bay which has diamond shaped leaded windows. Does anyone have a photo please? We stayed at Winkups too.We went to the club every night where the Carl Blackwell trio were the main act. On the last night they always sang `We`ll keep a welcome` - we loved it! One year we had an extra holiday in Skegness, but Winkups was our favourite.

Sandbank House

Sandbank Road c1936, Towyn
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Sandbank House centre left of picture. My Granddad Harold Barns built this house and the shops next door - also owned Sandbank Holiday Camp.


I was in the Army in 1966 when I was fortunate to be posted to Morfa Camp. It was the Army Outward Bound School then and catered mainly for Junior Leaders. They did a 3 week course there during which they engaged in rock climbing, canoeing and general outside activities. We supplied the transport to wherever they had to go. We were a very small team and our 'boss' was a man called Eddie Davis. I have to say that all the 'civvies' who worked at the camp were 'characters'. There was 'Cymmy' Jones the boilerman and local poacher of salmon. IJ Jones who worked at the the store. There was a younger man who I only know as Vince who always seemed to be falling out with his girlfriend. I well remember the first time I saw Towyn. It was a cold January evening, raining, and when I looked down the mainstreet I saw no-one. But I can fairly say... Read more

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