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Saturday Afternoon Cinema Matinees

As a boy of around 10 years old, every Saturday afternoon, my friends and I would go to the Palace Cinema (Farm Side Place, off Stockport Road) for the matinee. It would start around 2pm and it would be 6D to get in, downstairs, or 9D upstairs(now, 2 1/2p and around 4p). Showing on there would be cartoons like Buggs Bunny, Micky Mouse or Tom and Gerry. Then there would be a serial (in black and white) like Flash Gordon or Zorro, the end of which each week, the hero facing certain death. An announcement would come on screen saying, Will he escape? Come back next week and see! Coming back the next week we'd see the final sequence of the hero had been re-filmed, showing the hero escaping at the last second. We would all be wound up as we came out, pretending to be the hero. The ABC Regal Cinema (almost opposite the Levenshulme pub on Stockport Road), would show more or less the same programmes but the... Read more

Millwain Road

I wonder if the person asking for memories about Millwain Road, Levenshulme remembers my friend & his family .... The Murray's from 32 Errwood Rd, corner of Millwain Rd. Their house was used in the making of a film (was it the L shaped room?) I was born on Fairbourne Rd in 1950 & lived there until I was 9. I spent a lot of time at the Murray's with my friend Bernard and his now deceased twin, Andrew. Also Robin and David are both now also deceased sadly. There was another brother who died before I met them and whose name I sadly cannot remember. All your memories of the cinemas almost brought me to tears as my dad recently passed away. He kept pigs at Highfield Rd! Regards, Stuart

Primary School Days And After

1954 onwards - Chapel Street School had an infants section. I remember we used to get one third of a pint of milk daily, in fact this continued through junior school and secondary modern, until a certain prime minister put a stop to it. Anyway, back to the infants class. We used to have childhood games, involving a lot of running about. Then, in the early afternoon, we were ''Put to bed,'' as it were, on camp beds for a sleep for an hour. How good childhood school was then. In later years, I stayed at the same school into junior school. At 11, I then took the 11 plus exam, but failed. Moved to Alma Park secondary school. I lived in Worsley Grove, Levenshulme, all through my schooling and during my railway apprenticeship. My dad was a chimney sweep and well known in the area. The old house is still there. I can't believe how the area has changed over the years. I have lived in Longsight for 38... Read more


I remember my earliest memories of Levenshulme (where I have lived for the past 15 years) was as a boy of about 4 or 5 in the early 1970s, going to the dairy on Lloyd Road where the bus terminus was - with my grandfather and also driving down to Faireys on Crossley road and then playing in the park (Cringle Park) . I also remember the smell of Mcvities which are still going strong today. If anyone has any memories or photographs of Milwain Road and Errwood Road and Slade Lane and Linden Road from the early 1900s to the present day or knows where photos are on the internet please drop me a email on


I am 58 years old, born in Moss Side, raised in Levenshulme, and have lived in Gorton near the old tannery on Tan Yard Brow for 25 years now. I have an old film (now on DVD) of old Gorton, if anyone wants a copy, email to: or contact me on Facebook and I will send them one, look forward to hearing from anyone.

Lancashire memories

Clowes Street West Gorton And St Marks'' School

I was born at 124 Clowes Street, West Gorton in 1947 and attended St Marks' School between 1953 and 1959. The Head was the formidable Mrs Clayton, and the Deputy Head was Mr Platt, but it was the lovely Mrs Butterworth who taught me to read and write. Clowes Street was the busiest street in Gorton, with a school, church, chapel, cinema, thirteen public houses and every kind of shop imaginable along its length. All before supermarkets, convenience stores, bingo and clubs, there was no need to travel anywhere else to shop or be entertained. The house I was born in was rented by my grandparents from a private landlord, but when I was a few weeks old we moved next door into 126 Clowes Street. This was a converted Tripe Shop owned by the Beswick Co-operative Society, which had a butchers next door (128) and a grocers next door to that (130). The houses were Victorian, damp and dark, having been built in the 1800's on ancient small-holdings with... Read more

Lynn Street

I've just read John Holmes' account of the early days in West Gorton. I went to St Marks from 1955 to 1960. I remember Mr Platt in the same way as most. I remember being smacked across the head for passing my 11 plus. I must admit it was a surprise to me as well. There are two names I remember of people who were in my class, a girl called Susan Yarwood, I think she lived on Margaret Street and Peter Frost who lived on Thomas Street. I remember Hornby's chippy, Jones paper shop, Vernons Shop and a little photographers on Hyde Road. I remember the Latham's but I don't think they were in my class. I lived at number 7 Lynn Street until we moved to Hattersley in 1963. What a sad day that was. There was a back street bookies behind one of the houses on Henry Street when I was a kid. My dad used to be a bookies runner to earn extra money, as he worked... Read more

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