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I remember gong to Littlehampton on coach outings each year from about 1950. There would be about 40 charabancs full of children from London and Greater London descending on Littlehampton, from memory the children were aged from 7 years up. The trips started some time after the war. They would have packed lunches for us in boxes and envelopes with tickets for rides and 1 shilling each. We would have a ball at the funfair, my favourites were the Mouse House, and the dodgem cars. We would sing all the old songs like 'Ten Green Bottles', 'Luverly Bunch of Coconuts' etc on the coach going there and coming back, and people along the route would come out and wave at us. Truly memorable days for us kids.  


We used to go on holidays almost every year to Littlehampton, so far as I can remember. We took the train there. Then we walked - lugging our suitcases. There was a butcher's shop on the way and it had a little statue of a pig outside. We always looked out for "Wally Pig" as we called it.

We stayed at a boarding house - Mrs Wyatt's at 34 Pier Road. So far as I can remember I shared a bed with one of my sisters. In the morning there was a china jug of hot water outside the door; this was for washing in! Then we went down to breakast with the other guests.

After breakfast we got ready and took the ferry across the river to the other side. At that time the ferries were little row boats. I don't know why we went to the other side of the river, I think we preferred... Read more

St. Catherines School 1930's

St Catherine's Church 1890, Littlehampton
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My grandmother was the head-teacher in St Catherine's School just around the corner. She lived in St Catherine's Cottage beside the school. My dad and his brothers and sisters all went to that school. My earliest memory of St Catherines Church is from 1950 when I went to Mass every Sunday and was married there in 1970.

Living in Littlehampton

I was lucky to be born in Littlehampton in Manning Road, before moving to Howard Road with my two brothers and two sisters. We have lots of memories about growing up on the river bank, west beach and the main beach, where we spent many hours. We went to Saturday morning pictures and the local clubs; cubs, brownies and St Johns. We moved to Whitelea Road, Wick after the death of our gran. We had great fun with the children from the corner newsagent shop, we walked everywhere but it now looks miles now. My grandfather, was the person who ran the donkeys on the beach for many years. He took over from his father and past it on to his son. We all learnt to swim in the river by the old bridge that went through the farm to a campsite. We went mushroom picking in the farm fields in the early mornings. I went to school in Conaught Road and then Maud Allan but left in 1971 to... Read more

Telma Radio

Does anyone remember Telma Radio Shop in Littlehampton, from sometime after WWII? I have only recently learned that my ggreat uncle, William Thomas Lock, owned this shop. Any information would be most appreciated.

Down Town Shopping With my Mum & Aunt Edie

I remember shopping with my mum & aunt every Saturday. When we were finished with the shopping we would visit a little cafe right next door to Woolworths. After I had drank my bottle of Tizer, I was allowed to go in Woolworths & look all around while Mum and Aunt Edie had their tea. Then we walked back home to Wick through the allotments where my Uncle Harry Jacobs had a garden, which used to keep the families in fresh vegetables all the time. Our house was at Malthouse Cottages & Aunt Edie and Uncle Harry lived at number 10 North Street just a short walk from us. When I returned for a visit in 1980 with my husband and son, we went to Malthouse Lane to see my old house but time had taken the houses away and all that was left was the front door step, which Mum used to whiten every day on her hands and knees. I wish I could have brought... Read more

A Day at The Seaside - Littlehampton C 1955

I cannot remember how old I was when we started going to the south coast of England for a Sunday trip, but it was when my father sold his Norton motorbike and bought a Golden Flash with a sidecar attached. We lived in Mitcham, Surrey, just ten miles from the centre of London. It was probably when I was about eight years old, my brother Robert was three, and my sister Valerie was twelve. Mum was the pillion passenger, Valerie sat in the front seat and my brother and I squashed in the back. We all looked forward to our trips to the seaside as it was a special treat for us. Littlehampton was one of our favourite places as it had a sandy beach where you could build castles or imaginary boats with sand. Mum always made the sandwiches the night before. The flask of tea was made a few minutes before we took off at what seemed like the crack of dawn. When you are young time goes... Read more

I Lived And Went to School in Clymping.

I lived and went to school in Clymping and I was choir boy at Clymping church. I went into the RAF. I worked on a farm at Clymping and most of the Hasted family also lived at Clymping. Then I married Pauline Hasted from Littlehamptosn and we have been married to each other for

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