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SS Majestic, White Star Line 1890, Liverpool

SS Majestic, White Star Line 1890, Liverpool

SS Majestic, White Star Line 1890, Liverpool Ref: 26624a

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Memories of SS Majestic, White Star Line 1890, Liverpool

SS Majestic 1890

SS Majestic, White Star Line 1890, Liverpool
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On 25 June 1890 my grandmother, Emma L Hasell, 24 years old, left her life as a household servant and sailed on the Majestic for New York where she joined her fiance, William Henry Pickering, formerly of Silverdale and Tunbridge Wells. She stayed in the YWCA until she found work. They married in November 1891.

To A New Life

SS Majestic, White Star Line 1890, Liverpool
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My greatgrandfather Patrick Matthews, his second wife Mary Ann (Smith) together with their daughter Rose sailed on the maiden voyage of the Majestic to New York in April 1890. Patrick was from Cootehill, CountyCavan, Ireland. In 2005 I found his descendants living in Florida. My husband and I flew to America for a holiday and met our new cousins.

Mum's House in Lamb Street

SS Majestic, White Star Line 1890, Liverpool
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My mum lived in Lamb Street, the bottom half, she lived with her mother Harriet Prescott, sister Gertie and brother Billy. When Mum was born she was given the same name as her mother. They were bombed out of Lamb Street during the war, there do not seem to be any photos in books on the website of Lamb Street. Mum had many happy memories of Lamb Street and remembers Father Winder, although mum was C of E she said he was a very nice man and was well liked by all. Has anyone any photos of Lamb street? We all would love to see them.
Best wishes
Margery Hall.

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May 29th 1959 Voyage to Montreal

The 'Empress of England' Leaving Liverpool c1958, Liverpool
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Our family emigrated to Canada on the Empress of England in 1959. We left Liverpool on May 29th and arrived in Montreal June 6th or 7th. I was a month short of my 12th birthday and I remember thinking on the first day onboard how smooth it was. That impression lasted until we reached the western side of Ireland after which I was seasick for 6 days. Our cabin was forward and we could feel the bow of the ship slamming back down into the ocean as it rode the heavy seas. The trip up the St. Lawrence was such a welcome change. I remember seeing icebergs while at sea. I think I still have some items from the ship, a pocket knife with the ships's image on it, some drink stir sticks and possibly a pennant. I also have our trunks used to transport our possessions. One of them has the Canadian Pacific identification stickers on it with our names, voyage date, destination and room number: A-31. I... Read more

Bodley Street.

I grew up in Bodley Street (L4) from 1960-1970. There was a Welsh church at the top of the street and on the walls of said church we played '2 balls'! I would love to have the name of the church, should anyone remember it. My nan and grandad, Albert and Elizabeth Coy, shared the wall and every Sunday were blessed with the sounds of the Welsh congregation singing their hearts out. So we annoyed them by playing with the balls! The street seemed so big when I was a child, the church and my nan's house no longer stands, so walking down it now it's much smaller. In the hot summer of 1967, it took forever to walk up! If there are any old residences reading this, I would love to hear from you. After living in Maghull for nearly 40 years I'm now back in Walton. Stanley Park is now once again my walk on Sundays!

Growing up in Kirkdale

I was one year old when we moved to Kirkdale, that was 1956, we moved to 82 Brasenose Road from Huyton with Roby so all my childhood memories were about growing up in Kirkdale. We had nothing but we were happy. There was six of us, we all slept in one bed, top and tail, but everyone in our road was the same. We never had a bathroom, just an outside toilet that looked like a shrine becuase we had that many candles in there. Every Saturday night all the mams and dads went out and would come home either fighting or singing. There was one feller who was about 60 and dead skinny and every Saturday night he would come home from the alehouse singing, and everyone called him 'the singing skull'. The feller over the road was the bell puller in St Paul's Church every Sunday, he was called 'Shacky Bob', haha. Every lamp in our road was bent because we were always swinging on them haha.... Read more

Atlantic Crossing 1965

The 'Empress of England' Leaving Liverpool c1958, Liverpool
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I was on The Empress of England in November 1965, with my four young children.
I remember the stormy crossing. Lots of us were sick.
Yes we landed at Quebec City, and should have gone on to Montreal , but a Norwegian tanker hit us as we left the pier in a snow squall, and so we had to go back and the went to Montreal by train
I remember the pursers and all the staff on the journey were very kind and helpful to this young mother with 4 children under 7.
The children loved the fancy dress party.

Liverpool to Canada

The 'Empress of England' Leaving Liverpool c1958, Liverpool
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We immigrated to Canada in 1965. We left Liverpool for Montreal, however, we hit a small iceburg or something that caused enough damage for us to take the train to Montreal from the closest land destination in Quebec.
I was 10 yrs of age at the time and had so much fun on board. How does one access the passenger list?

Doon Street, Humber Street Memories

The Provisional Cathedral 1890, Liverpool
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1956, I was brought up in Doon Street, Kirkdale, along with my 3 brothers and 5 sisters. We all went to St John's School, where we had Father Hopkins and Sister Mary Francis, we used to call them the dragons. If anyone is still around from that era I would love to hear from you. I read some comments yesterday about Walsh's paper shop, can anyone remember Riley's Radio shop corner of Orwell Road and Westminster Road, Pete's the butcher, Fazackerly's Fruit Job where we used to go for penny fades, Melvilles the Chemist, and the most important shop of all, Halls Fish & Chip shop, there was also Buckleys Fish & chips on the corner of Orwell Rd and Medlock Street. Hemmings corner of Tawd Street and Leven Street, he was always grumpy when you went in. The Rec where all the kids used to go with their jam butty sandwiches and bottle of water. Anyone remember the May prossessions we used have... Read more

Puncture in The Tunnel

The Mersey Tunnel c1955, Liverpool
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This incident started in Chester - let me explain. I was driving my car along the road bridge overlooking Chester Racecourse, on my left. I think there was a race going on which took my attention off the traffic in front of me . I didn't notice that the traffic had stopped resulting in me crashing into the car in front . One of my headlamps had smashed and there was some damage to the bumper, but I was able to continue my journey to Liverpool. When I was passing through the Mersey Tunne,l the steering started going queer! I was too scared to stop (or was it the cost of a breakdown callout) so I carried on until I emerged at the other end, then stopped. The problem turned out to be a punctured front tyre. When I had the accident, a piece of glass must have stuck to the tyre and slowly penetrated it. I wasn't aware of this until in the tunnel. This took place... Read more

The Cabaret Clubscene

Bold Street 1887, Liverpool
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Does anyone remember the cabaret clubs that were so very plentiful in Liverpool in the early 70's - cabaret, bands, single vocalists, comics. all kind of acts. I belonged to several, but the one which I remember best was the Inlanders. Does anyone at all know the whereabouts of the two guys in this band...Gerry Redmond and Brian Campbell?

The Howard Family From Devon And London Stay in Liverpool Lime Street

St George's Plateau c1881, Liverpool
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This photograph of 1881 is by chance, both the place and year, in which my Great-Grandad William Henry Howard was here! He certainly travelled around as he came from a Devon family. He was born in London, and became a skilled wood carver in Manchester before living in nearby Lime Street in 1881 at the age of 34 with Great-Grandma Jane and the first two of their children. The photographer could have been standing close to their lodgings at 48a Lime Street. Their daughter Florence, my own Grandma, wasn't born until after they left Liverpool. St George's Hall on the left of the picture opened its doors to the public in 1854, over 10 years after it was first commissioned. The architect responsible for the bulk of the design was Harvey Lonsdale Elmes. The Hall was built to provide a venue for the triennial music festivals. On top of this, the courts were added as Elmes had been commissioned to design both buildings, and due to funding 'issues' they were combined.... Read more

Lime Street Station

Lime Street 1890, Liverpool
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In 1964 I started teaching at Brookfield School, Kirkby. and stayed "in digs"in Aigburth, Liverpool. For several years Lime Street Station was my arrival and departure point as I travelled between Liverpool and Swansea. Lime Street had changed a lot since 1890 but St George's Hall , with its many pillars, was still there. Around the corner, in Ranelagh Place, was the Adelphi Hotel, where Harold Wilson stayed during the 1964 election campaign. My best memory of Lime Street Station is arriving there on the same day (a Sunday in 1965 I believe) ) as Liverpool FC returning in triumph from their FA cup win against Leeds United the day before. From several miles out there were supporters waving red and white flags from their houses along the train route. "What have I done to deserve this", I thought to myself in a moment of wishful thinking! Outside the station there was a "sea of red and white" as thousands of fans waved their scarves and flags in... Read more

Scottie Road

The Provisional Cathedral 1890, Liverpool
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I lived in Chapel Gardens next to St Anthony's church, there were only 3 houses in our street, the Greggs, Mcartheys and us Hawkins. I went to St Anthony's School and left in 1957 when we moved to Kirkby. I worked in Scotts Bakery in Rose Place and have many fond memories of the people I worked with. I met my first husband Frank Mangan there, we married in 1960. Scottie Road will always be in my heart, there is not another place like it. I think it was the heartbeat of Liverpool, mortally wounded when the city planners had the bright idea to move the population out to Kirkby in the 1950s, great on paper but not in practice. Greaty was a great place to shop, you could get anything there. Who remembers Jacksons the hairdressers, the market, Duffys, and the Italian ice cream parlour? All gone now in the name of progress, but it will always live on in the hearts and minds of the people who lived... Read more

Fitzroy Street, Off Westderby Road. 1950s/60s

St George's Hall c1881, Liverpool
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Did anyone live around here in the 1950s & 60s? My memories are of being sent to search out the sandstone on the Hollas so that my mum could do the steps. Going to the coal yard off Low Hill with a pushchair to get a hundred weight! John's Chippy on Low Hill. They sold the best chips! Spending hours trying to fish money out of the grids! Swinging on the lampost at the bottom of our street. The Fitzroy Pub, run by the Kinsellers. My dad singing on the street corner after the pub closed. Everyone loved to listen to him. Going to the Locano on a Saterday afternoon. Having my socks measured by them being wrapped around my fist. If the toe and heel met, that was your size. Going up to Brougham Terrace at the top of Baker Street, on Westderby Road, to let in the New Year. Going to the Hippodrome Picture House on a Saterday morning and singing along to the words on the screen. Packenham's scrap... Read more

Cruiseing The Med

The 'Empress of England' Leaving Liverpool c1958, Liverpool
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I watched this ship as a child at the pier head, many years later I sailed on her on a cruise around the med about 2000/2001. She had been renamed the 'Topaz', it was either the 'Empress Of England' or her sister ship the 'Empress of Scotland'. She was sold on about 5 or 6 years ago and if my information is correct she is to this day operating as an eductional ship somewhere in Japan. A great personal and historic memory.

Xmas Party at St Georges Hall

St George's Hall c1881, Liverpool
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Around 1949 to1951 ish. I too remember attending a big party for underprivileged children at St Georges Hall. We had to line up to collect a gift on the stage. We could choose from a selection. I always wanted a doll but was so shy I just grabbed the first box I saw, I think it may have been a game, but not the doll I longed for. It was a happy memory.

Blacklers Office

Bold Street 1887, Liverpool
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My first job after leaving Our Lady of Mount Carmel school was in the accounts office of the well known Blacklers Department Store. The office only was located in Bold Street during 1953. The office staff relocated to the main store during 1953/54. I worked with a friend called Margaret Langshaw. We both left to work at Littlewoods Pools in Edge Lane. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Margaret I would love to hear from them.

Loudon Grove Liverpool 8

St George's Hall c1881, Liverpool
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I was brought up in no 3 Loudon Grove. However, on a recent visit I noticed that Nos 1, 3, 5, and 7 along with others have been demolished and only No 7 on that side of the road has been replaced with a new house. The location of 1, 3 and 5 is just grassed over. Does anybody know the reason for this?  I remember Ronny Wrichley (Billy Fury) asking my brother to ask me for a date, but I was too shy to accept.  I would have been only 14. I was known as Nancy Ward.

Edinburgh Street Liverpool 5

Bold Street 1887, Liverpool
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I was born in 101 Edinburgh Street in 1943, my parents were Norman and Ellen Harris, i was christened in St Georges Everton, i have fond memorys of Netherfield Road my My Uncle Alec Harris ran the Protestant Reformers in China Street which moved Location to Rose Vale, the people are the salt of the earth.


Bold Street 1887, Liverpool
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I have fond memories of living in Liverpool. I lived behind Hope Street and paced the pavement of Bold Street most days. This is a wonderful picture for me.

Empress of England

The 'Empress of England' Leaving Liverpool c1958, Liverpool
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Hi, I too emigrated to Canada but in about 1954 when I was nearly three. We had to come back the following year as my father was ill, and I think it must have been on the return journey that I remember the rocking horse too! Thanks for reminding me of this and of the portholes in the ship. Those two things stuck in my mind.

The Mersey Tunnel

The Mersey Tunnel c1955, Liverpool
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To visit Grandma and Grandad McCann we travelled this way from Ellesmere Port. They lived in Scotland Road and he had a cobbler shop.

My Coming to Canada

The 'Empress of England' Leaving Liverpool c1958, Liverpool
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We sailed across the Atlantic on the Empress of England from Liverpool to Montreal, first arriving in Quebec City on Oct 30, 1958. It makes me wonder if this photo is of that same voyage!! I would love to obtain a passenger list. My parents are now deceased and I would like to have it as a keepsake. Our family name is BOULOUX.  My father was sick the whole trip. My favorite memory was in the playroom where they had this rocking horse. I was 5 years old and to me, this horse was huge. I was scared to get on it at first but then I would scream if I had to get off it to give another kid a turn.  The horse was made of wood and was white and black. I also remember going up to the stern. The captain was there, dressed in white. We could see 2 whales in the water up ahead. Through this round window, they appeared so bold and beautiful and even... Read more

Part of my Heritage

The Provisional Cathedral 1890, Liverpool
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This is where my great-grandparents Thomas Hugh Roberts and Annie Corcoran married in 1903. I have their marriage certificate which has a drawing of the church on the top. He was sadly killed in an accident at Waterloo Goods Station in 1912. There used to be a cross in the pavement outside HMV commemorating the church. I hope it's put back when the refurbishment of the building is finished.

Ferry Boats

The Ferry Boats c1965, Liverpool
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This is not a memory as such- but just information as to the source of my ancestors.
A ferry owner who ran the service from Stackhill to Newland was Ezra Mann, he was born in circa 1858 in Yorkshire and owned a large sized cog-boat which ferried passengers, pigs,hens and bicycles, plus children to Dax Grammer School.
Ezra lost an arm in an accident and  for a while worked at McFies Treacle Works in Liverpool where it is believed he met and married Martha Pembleton-Wood
He married Martha Pemberton- Wood; the grandaughter of Sir Nicholas Fazackerly and daughter of Fazackerly's daughter and groomsman - Pembleton-Wood. They had 18 children, 12 survived - 7 sons and 4 daughters.
Ezra Mann was my great- grandfather. My mother was the daughter of Charles, Ezra's son.

My Grandmother

SS Campania 1892, Liverpool
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My grandmother emigrated to the United States on the Campania in 1905. She sailed with her brother, Harry. They were sponsored by their uncle Owen Roberts, who lived in Wymore, Nebraska. After arriving at New York they travelled overland by train After a few years my grandmother returned home, to Wales.

The Liver Buildings

The Royal Liver Building c1955, Liverpool
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This Building and its giant clock was the only way to know the time of day (no watches!) and the tram-car home left the pier-head by this clock and got us home for tea - costing 1d (penny) for a return.
You could see this clock coming in from the New Brighton Ferry, and work out what tram you would be on!!

The Law Courts

The Royal Liver Building c1955, Liverpool
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I remember Dale Street, on the right was the place where single mothers had to go to collect their benefit from the father of their child/ren, as ruled by the courts order!! Further along Dale Street you could cut up  Moorfield to Tithe Barn Street to the Stadium to watch either wrestling on a Thursday night or boxing on a Friday.

When I Was A Child

Garston, Holmefield Road From Booker Avenue c1955, Liverpool
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I can clearly remember pushing my doll's pram up to the shops with my Mother from our home in South Mossley Hill Road.  I was always fascinated by the overhead cash delivery system in the Co-op shops.  
The very end shop was the Co-op selling haberdashery and shoes, I think that was where my love for shoes was born!
A cake shop called Wallers was next door, another favourite place of mine!
The Co-op food shop was very exciting as we did not frequent this very often with my Father being a shopkeeper himself - buying groceries from there was strictly forbidden. Happy Days!!!!

Receiving My Certificate

St George's Hall c1881, Liverpool
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I attended a presentation at St George's Hall as a youngster, where I received a beautiful certificate in recognition of an essay I had written. I have no idea what I wrote about but since the RSPCA awarded the certificate, then I assume it must have been about animals.
As a very shy, not-at-all-confident child, I remember nervously waiting and waiting for that moment to come. At last, I climbed the few stairs alongside the stage and as I stepped forward onto the old wooden stage I immediately tripped and went sprawling at the feet of the adults seated there. I lived to tell the tale but didn't think I ever would!

Jimmy Hawley

Hi does anyone know Jimmy Hawley   Jimmy. you was best man at my wedding and was in the army national service with Albert Clark I think you had a sister Beryl please contact me you know me as Babs would be so please to hear from you  Beryl Clark

KIRKDALEThe 50s And 60s.

I grew up in Tillard St. Kirkdale. I remember we always had to use the back door when we left the house as kids, so the neighbours would not see we had no lino in the hall. (probably no body else had any anyway) I was a paper boy for Joe Ballard who owned a shop in Tillard St., he paid us ten bob a week. I went to Lambeth Road school which was just at the end of the street, and have fond memories of my time there. My dad used to cut our hair with hand clippers, which really hurt if they where not used properly. He also mended our shoes and boots, they looked like new when he had finished, I loved watching him work.   

The Good Old Days - Berwick Street L6 - 1950's

My name is Audrey Hinds, i grew up in Berwick street in the 1950's. If anyone was there and has memories of this time please contact me, it would be lovely to share stories.

Sherries Milk Bar

Hi Pam, I remember Sherries in the late 50s early 60s I was only a youngster and was told to stay away, but we (my friend Barbara and I) used to sneak in and buy a milk shake, usually one between the two of us. Nice memories of those times, I used to live in Windsor Road.

Living in Kensington in The 1950's

I lived in a flat at 185a Kensington. I recall watching the Lodges marching along the road on the 12th July. We would walk down Brunswick Road into town. At Xmas, we would go to the grotto at TJ Hughes, I remember being very impressed with the Dancing Waterfalls one year. It was always a treat to walk round town and see all the shop windows dressed for Xmas. I went to Butler Street Primary School, now called New Park. Mr Stokes was the head teacher. My first teacher was Miss Quirk. I walked along Cottenham Street and Sutcliffe Street to get there. We shopped at Waterworths for fruit and veg, Pegrams for groceries and Lefevre and Martins (leffies) for cakes. We lived above a leather shop call Charles. My grandmother lived in Farnworth Street and raised 11 children in a 2 up, 2 down. I joined Kensington library when I was 7, and played in Kensington park, on the reservoir in the summer. We had days out in Nnew... Read more

Brasenose Road

I was born at 36a Brasenose Rd, above McCanns general shop. My sister, Belinda Hughes, brother Teddy and myself all went to St Alexander's school. We lived there with my nana, Belinda Townsend. We had two bedrooms between seven of us; 5 of us in one room, 3 kids in one bed and mum an dad in another. My parents, Ted and Kay Hughes, drank in the Hangmans Pub, you could hear them singing on their way down the road. We moved to Old Swan in 1960..... What memories.... Both good and bad. Anyone remember us?

Living in Doon Street

Before moving to Kirkby we lived at no 12 Doon Street. My mum, Nelly Dean, my dad Jack Dean, my elder brother Alan, and of course myself John. Alan and I can still remember many names from the area, Keith Davis, Peter Gill, Jimmy Gallagher, Paul Jenkins, Abbey Coy, from Humber Street. David Harrison, from Medlock Street, Graham Cornwall, Medlock Street. If anyone remembers Alan and I, try to get in touch.

Scotti rd

l was born in the courts in Sylvester St. My mother's family had a pork butchers in Lattimer St, their name was Molden. I have been trying to trace the family in Liverpool, but no luck. It was a very large family, about 14. The lads in the family moved to Oldham and I have found them. One of the girls was Jane Rimmer nee Molden. If any relatives of Jane read this could you please contact me at gilmore.margaret@ymail,com I am doing the family tree and need help regards Margaret Gilmore.

Bankfield School

I went to Bankfield School. I left in 1975 and my best friend was Alma Knowles. Don't know what became of Alma as we lost contact. I would love to see her again to catch up on old times, she may be married so I don't know how to find her. I have tried Bankfield it was the best school I went to. When I left the school was named Hollylodge - it's now another school...those were the days.

Loudon Grove

I was brought up in 3 Loudon Groves in the 1950's and would like to know if anybody has photographs they could share with me.


I was brought up in Chelmsford Street, Kirkdale, Liverpool. I went to Daisy Street and Lambeth Road. I moved to Huyton when I married, then Isle of Man. Now we live in Australia. It is a small world. I had good memories of Kirkdale. I would love to know how past friends have moved around. I remember George Farrel, the Griffins, Barbara Hegarty and Elsie McDonough etc...

Rathbone School

I went to Rathbone (Albany Road) in the early fifties and my best friend there was Frank Doyle, who lived in Phythian Street. After the eleven plus we went to separate schools but kept in touch until I left Liverpool in 1964. I don't know what Frank did after school. He had an older sister who lived in Dovecote and whose husband died young, the husband was a printer on the Eagle. Has anyone any knowledge of Frank, I'd dearly love to make contact with him.

Bodley Street And Stanley Park

My memories of Bodley Street and Stanley Park date from the early 1950's. There were loads of children who lived in the street - The Grimmonds, Gregory's and Wilson's to name but a few. We all played in the street, the girls with skipping ropes and two balls on the wall of the Welsh Chapel that was at the top of the street. For the boys it was football, my brother, John, joining the football lads, Jimmy Wilson in particular. Our mums would come out occasionally to see what all the racket was! It always seemed sunny in my memory. School was Major Lester County Primary just a short walk away. Boy, did we have fun in the playground but many scraped knees. Stanley Park, just around the corner was a great place to go. I would meet my Dad as he got off the bus from work and drag him to the park. He had to keep the parkie talking while I went on the swings, roundabouts and slide.... Read more

Spellow Lane Church About 1946 And Earlier.

My parents got married here in 1922 and we, as a family, attended up to about 1946. It was an English speaking, Welsh, Presbyterian church then and I think finally ceased about 1950 due to lack of numbers. I have copies of the monthly journals for all 1921 which contain lists of members and their addresses and there are about 800 of them. I wrote an article about the journals for the L'pool Fam. Hist. mag of Sept. 2010 which also contained a present day photo. If any one has any queries I am glad to reply. Alan Williams

Great Friends From Liverpool

If anyone knows Eric Harvey he lived, I think, on Sutcliffe Street near a pub called The Sir Walter Raleigh, Kensington. I would love to hear from him as he was a good friend of mine. Also, Stan Killeen - don't know where Stan lives, had some great laughs with Stan and also Jimmy Barton. Jimmy was a bit of a lad, if you had ever met any of these lads you would remember them. They were all from Liverpool and I haven't seen any of them for years, a lot of years. So, if anyone reading this could let me know how to get in touch with them, or let them know I am trying to contact them, thank you. Oh, they will know me as 'Gilly' from Leigh, thanks again.

Spellow Lane Church, Walton

I was a member of Spellow Lane Church from 1964 to 1976. It is situated on Spellow Lane, about 500 yards from Goodison Park (home of Everton FC), on Goodison Road. One of the weekly meetings was held on Tuesday evening . If Everton were playing at home and scored, the cheers could be heard in the church! The year 1966 brings back memories of two historic events - England winning the World Cup in the Summer, and the Aberfan Village Disaster in October. On both occassions the church was opened to the public - in the first instance to wecome visitors to the World Cup, and later to raise funds for the people of Aberfan. Some of the matches were played at Goodison Park. I attended the Brazil v Bulgaria game. One of the Brazilian visitors, a doctor, attended one of our Sunday services. The present church was built in the early 1900's as a Presbyterian/Methodist Church and at some point, I believe, had a Welsh Congregation. It... Read more

S S Lancashire

I Came home from Egypt in 1953 on the S S Lancashire, I remember the landing stage was all afloat; we slept on the Ship that night before disembarking to go through customs then onto the train. I've just been to Liverpool - the first time in 59 years, it is a lovely place.

Milk Bars And Stables.;-)

Does anyone remember Sherries Milk Bar on the corner of Dorset Road in Tuebrook...and the big stable yard next to the station where all the local coalmen stabled their horses and carts? I can remember going there and watching the men rub down the horses and settle them for the evening. What fab memories, of the warm hay and polish.Think the coalman was sweet on my mum (I won't reveal his name in case I embarass anyone) 'cos he used to take me with him on the cart to watch him stable the horse, and he gave me a bicycle to ride around the yard on. The most exciting place to go was Sherries where you could sit in the warm, buy a soft drink for 'coppers' and listen to he new technology...'The Juke Box'. Pam Williamson...nee Craig, from Ellerslie Road.

Quarry Bank High School

I left Quarry Bank in 1953 to go to America. I later found I attended when John Lennon was there. I have never understood why he was killed. I lived in Aigburth and lost contact with all my friends. I still think of Aigburth as home.

Origins And Holidays 1948 - 1965

I was born in Liverpool (Smithdown Road Hospital that was renamed Sefton General by the time my sister was norn there 19 months after me) and was christened in St Andrew's Church in Clubmoor. We lived for a short time at 147 Harrowby Road. I have no memories of that house that I can be sure of. I was taken to the west London area just before I was 2 (as this was where my father found a job after leaving the army). However, my grandmother and aunt stayed in Liverpool and we had annual trips up for holidays and my memories consist of the times spent in Walton (Clubmoor) every summer. My grandma lived in a prefab in Richard Kelly Drive which backed on the the large playing field (now returned to its former state) with the railway embankment on the far side. I remember the trams that ran down the centre of Townsend Avenue but by the time we stopped our annual... Read more

The Fun we Had

Patsy, we had some fun then, remember the bun loaf Linda threw at the window and we screamed the house down. we thought it was the peeping Tom? And also when we used to tantalise the Davis's dog Sandy and it would run to get us and you would lock the door, ha ha.

Tracing my Mum's Ancestors

My mum was born in Liverpool but I do not know where. She workded at St George's Hall where I think she met my dad, William James from Wales. Her name was Sarah Jane Grey. I know she had a sister called Alice and a brother called Albert. My mum's birth date was March 24th 1909. I'd welcome any information. I look forward to any replies. Thank you.

Help With Family Search

My mum was born March 24th 1909. I've looked up on the 1911 but can find nothing. Her name was Sarah Jane Grey and I know she had a brother called Albert and a sister called Alice. Her married name was James. She lived most of her life in South Wales where my dad was from. She died August 27th 1983. I'd be grateful for any info.

Lost Love of my Life

I was born at 40 Priory Street, Birkenhead in 1947 . I have lost track of all my family. But most important was the memories of a young ladie who was supposed to follow me to Canada in 1966, she was a beautiful Welsh nurse who worked at Alder Hey Children's Hospital. I stillremember our late nights trying to get back into the nurses' residence too late for curfew . I worked in Formby Lighthouse restaurant, a long drive. I loved that drive and the young lady waiting for me. I still love her. John

My Time in Liverpool

My memory of Liverpool was living in number 12 Kensington Rd near the corner of Hall Lane where the post office was. My parents' landlady was Mrs Elizabeth Smith, I think she was Tommy Smith's mother? I remember my father taking me & my sister to St John's Gardens on weekends and to Otterspool until a tragic accident involving a young lady on a pushbike and a car? I remember the New Brighton ferry at the pier head. And I remember my dad taking me in the company (Otis) truck going to Birkenhead through the Mersey Tunnel. Thanks...

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