Memories of Bushey Heath

Memories Of Rosary Priory

My brother and I were two of the few boys that attended Roaary Priory from 1966 to 1970. Other boys attending at that time were Martin McDonald, Keith Putnam, Mark ...Read full memory

A memory of Bushey Heath

Rosary Priory School 1950's

My name was Jennifer Barnett and I attended Rosary Priory in the 1950s.  One of my memories is of the nuns teaching us the 'facts of life' which consisted of being ...Read full memory

Memories Of Holly Grove House Little Bushey Lane

I lived in Holly Grove House for 16 years till 1960 when we sold the house to a developer. A E Mathews used to come to parties at our house, he ...Read full memory

Denise Davies Nee Smith

I started at Rosary Priory in 1953 when I was 8 and left at 18. I was so happy there that our 2 daughters attended the senior school until we moved to Wiltshire. When I ...Read full memory

Rosary Priory

I was at Rosary Priory 1964-1970, with Sister Teresina, Sr Perpetua, Sr Bernadette, Sr Dupazzi and Sr Alphonsus. Happy days! Friends I remember include: Deirdre Bos, Carolyn Coleman, ...Read full memory

A memory of Bushey Heath

Little Bushey Lane

One set of grandparents lived at the top of Little Bushey Lane, on Elstree Road. The other lived near the bottom of Little Bushey Lane. Whenever I would visit, on school ...Read full memory

Rosary Priory

Hi. I was in the same year as Mary Martin/ Empson. My name was Maria Wareham. I remember the girls you mentioned plus Lynne Westcott, Denise Marsh, Maria Pia Montanaro, Bernadette ...Read full memory

My Time At Rosary Priory

i attended Rosary Priory from 1959 until 1964. The nuns I fondly remember are Sisters Alphonsus , De Pazzi and Barbara. Mrs Simpson took us for PE when we wore grey culotte shorts for netball and navy knickers for gym. My friends during my time at the school were Susan Rothwell and Amanda Clark

Rosary Priory School 1961 1965

I attended Rosary Priory School in 1961 until 1965 (was Ann Hemingway then). We were the first class to move into the new building, we were not allowed to wear ...Read full memory

Pupils Of Rosary Priory 1972

Hi, I used to attend Rosary Priory Junior School and then the Seniors until I left at 16. My single name was Mary Empson and I would like to know how any of the pupils ...Read full memory

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