Cromer, The Cliffs 1925

Cromer, The Cliffs 1925

Neg. 77511

Memories of Cromer

The Grand Hotel, Cromer

The hotel on the right of this photo is the Grand Hotel situated on the Runton Road and corner of Beach Road. It had its own hard tennis courts across Beach Road - now a Car Park - and a flight of steps leading down to the Prom - replaced by Anglian Water.

A memory of Cromer

Mr John White, Principal Lighthouse Keeper

My great-grandfather, John White, was Principal Lighthouse Keeper, from 1883 onwards. John, with his family, a wife, and three sons, travelled from Wales where ...Read full memory

A memory of Cromer by Jillian Carr

Summer Holiday 1958

This is a front view of the Elmhurst Hotel, which stood - or stands? - in Cabbell Road, where my family and I stayed for two weeks in August 1958. I wonder if the building is still ...Read full memory

A memory of Cromer by Diana Dioszeghy

Family Connections With The 'Louisa Hartwell'.

My father and grandfather both served with Henry Blogg on the 'Louisa Hartwell' and my dad was one of the pallbearers when Henry Blogg died.

A memory of Cromer by Claire Allen

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About this photo

Not only is the photographer on the cliff top taking a picture of his ladies with the lens into the sun, he is at great risk of losing his and their lives by going near the edge of these dangerous cliffs, which are constantly being eroded by the sea and the elements. This picture gives us a nice view of Cromer pier in the distance (left).

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