Memories of Salford

Halton Bank School

I went to Halton Bank school, don't remember much. I came from New Windsor Road school, stayed for a couple of years then we moved to London . What I do remember was wearing a ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Peter Brennan

Salford Born And Bred

From the 1960's We lived on Octavia House, I am Mike kilburn, there was my sister Susan, and brother Paul. My mother was Pat, sadly deceased. We moved to Dequincey house after ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Mike Kilburn

Sutton Flats And Pendleton High School.

I was born in 1946 and went to live on Sutton Flats when I was 5. We lived there in various flats until I was 21! By then, each block was known by a name rather ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Norma Rowles

Sutton Flats

I lived on Sutton flats from 1965 until 1975. lived in Crompton house, it was a good place to grow up, safe everyone knew each other. I can remember playing in the Rocket and Mickey Mouse ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Stuart Wallace

Mount Carmel School

I went to mount carmel school during 1945 - 1955 my name was jean shaw l rememder Mr Jolly Mr Glyne, Miss Grey, Miss Ward, Mr Miller (The ten foot killer), liitle Jock and many ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Jeans Shaw

Franklin Street Ordsall Salford 5

How many of you remember Pat Curry's pub on the corner of Franklin Street facing Steens sewing company olivies on the third corner best days of my life. I used to play ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Harry Fletcher

Adelphi Lads Club

My memories are of Lofty never refusing to take extra an extra lad in, my son Nick was a regular there, also my daughter Andrea, on the girls' night, I remember the annual camp at ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Joyce Gill

4 Years At Clarendon Secondary Modern

I was born at Hope Hospital in March 1947 and lived in Ducie Place off Liverpool St, close to the Oldfield Rd end. I went to Hope Street school till I was 10, and ...Read full memory

Ellor Street

I lived on Ellor Street for the first 16 years of my life. I went to John Street School followed by Pendleton High School for Girls. I clearly remember the Salford Hippodrome at the end of ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford

Born On Sutton Flats

I was born on Sutton Flats (now demolished) Pendleton in 1941. My first vague memory was sitting under a table with a blanket draped over it and a lit candle (must have been an ...Read full memory

A memory of Salford by Edward Ashton

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