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Hugh Bell School

Hugh Bell School 1896, Middlesbrough
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Seeing Norman Jackson's reflections on the teachers of Hugh Bell School conjured up all sorts of wonderful memories. I agree totally with his description of the two headmasters, "Taffy" Evans, the cane toting, foot stamping disciplinarian and Charles Harmer, a gentle man but with a persuasive manner. Mr. Evans at times took us for music and he would always push "Sweet Lass on Richmond Hill" to the point where we got fed up of it. I remember once the class singing Sweet Lass on Richmon Dill and we all thought he was going to "blow a gasket".
Looking at Norman's list of teachers I was reminded that my favourite subject was Maths with "Buller Madden". His teaching methods would certainly be outlawed today but in most cases got results. I am sure ex pupils will remember his entry into a classroom filled with silence, mark the register and then go to his "cane cupboard". Having selected his favourite for the day he would hit his desk top a few times... Read more

Opening of Albert Park

The Park Entrance c1965, Middlesbrough
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My great grandfather, Mark MIDGLEY was a member of the First North Yorks Artillery Volunteers. He was in number four battery for 11 years where he rose to the rank of sergeant-major.
I have news paper cuttings of him celebrating his 90th birthday (1941) in which he recalls those days. He remembered the visit of the Duke of Connaught when he opened the Albert Park in Middlesbrough 1868. He was a member of one of the artillery detachments which fired a salute. He says it poured down all the time "we got drenched to the skin, and received  a shilling each for it."

Albert Park in The Fifties

The Lake, Albert Park c1955, Middlesbrough
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Dad used to take us in a rowing boat on the lake. We had to take turns rowing and we were only 4, 5 and 6 years of age. Not sure health and safety would approve now!!! I remember being called in eg "number 2 your time is up". Great memories.

Henry Dring

The Park Entrance c1965, Middlesbrough
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My grandfather is named on the entrance of soldiers who lost their lives in WWI. He was only 26 at the time and left my Nana with three young children. I have carried out family research into the Dring family which is very interesting. When I was a child I loved Albert Park. Our nearest park was Pallister Park but it was an extra treat to visit Albert Park.

Hugh Bell School 1946 to 1951

Hugh Bell School 1896, Middlesbrough
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I remember my time at Hugh Bell Grammer School, it was a great school, I well remember the typing teacher he was ex Airforce and had a handlebar moustache. If anyone spoke during his lessons a blackboard rubber would come flying down the classroom. Another teacher we had used to dye her hair the same colour as the clothes she was wearing. The school was just down the road from Old Mans Park which I believe has had a revamp since then and Hugh Bell has been rebuilt, such a shame. I lived in South Africa from 1975 to 2001 and now live in Hampshire so it is great to read other stories on our past at Hugh Bell.

“Play Up, Play Up, And Play The Game!”

The Park Entrance c1965, Middlesbrough
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My memory bank has been activated by the contributed items about Hugh Bell Central School, though my recollections of Hugh Bell are older than those published on this website. My years at Hugh Bell were 1938 to 1942 and so my memories have had many years to fade and I’ve been living on the far side of Canada in the beautiful Okanagan Valley since 1948. Most of the teacher’s names have passed into oblivion, but who could forget the irascible Arthur E. Evans. I remember all too well the day I was speeding to get to school in time. It was raining hard as I sped along, I think, Borough Rd. and turned hard on to (could it be) Albert Rd.? A High School girl was riding hard in the opposite direction. We each leaned hard in a vain attempt to avoid the other idiot, but our front wheels touched and we both went flying, she one way, me the other. Not only did the crash break my front mudguard into... Read more

Hugh Bell And Old Mans's Park

Hugh Bell School 1896, Middlesbrough
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A nice memory of Hugh Bell School was that at assembly each morning when the weather was fine, the old men would sit in the park outside to listen to our hymn singing. Hence "Old Man's Park". They had no money and their scruffy dogs were on bits of string while they filled in their time with nothing to do. Could you imagine old men these days listening to children sing hymns? Not everything has changed for the better.

Old North Ormesby.

Hugh Bell School 1896, Middlesbrough
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My grandma lived in Stovin Street and I attended Westbourne Grove Methodist Church from about 1948 until 1956ish. I remember the hospital and the wonderful markets where we used to buy a penny bag of winkles. I also remember the Gem cinema (local flee pit but fabulous). Above the Gem was Central Mission, a very happy religious place, I don't know what denomination but it was great fun (no sermon). St Alphonsus church was at the top end of Kings Road where my parents had a grocery business. I used to serve in the shop and women used to come in and buy refreshers (sweets) to use as counters for the bingo at the church. Next to the police station again on Kings Road was the library where we used to borrow Enid Blyton books. Lynas Brothers used to have a funeral business in the same road. What excitment when the Magestic cinema opened on the Trunk Road. Oh I could ramble on forever about the REALLY GOOD OLD DAYS Hope... Read more

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