Middlesbrough, Cleveland
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Historic maps of Middlesbrough and the local area, hand-drawn by Ordnance Survey cartographers and Samuel Lewis.

Henry Dring

My grandfather is named on the entrance of soldiers who lost their lives in WWI. He was only 26 at the time and left my Nana with three young children. I have carried out family research into the Dring family which is very interesting. When I was a child I loved Albert Park. Our nearest park was Pallister Park but it was an extra treat to visit Albert Park.

Longlands College 1957

I came to live in Boro with my parents, George & Mary Smith, and my young sister Karen, from Wingate, Co. Durham. My Dad was to take over as the first caretaker of the new Longlands College, which was still being constructed. We lived on the college grounds in what we thought was the best bungalow we'd ever ...Read full memory

Hugh Bell School 1946 To 1951

I remember my time at Hugh Bell Grammer School, it was a great school, I well remember the typing teacher he was ex Airforce and had a handlebar moustache. If anyone spoke during his lessons a blackboard rubber would come flying down the classroom. Another teacher we had used to dye her hair the same ...Read full memory