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The Holborn Hill Evacuee.

And Black Combe c1955, Millom
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The view is looking over Holborn Hill towards Black Combe. Holborn Hill is old Millom, the new part of Millom was built when iron ore was discovered in 1855 at Hodbarrow and the iron works was built and Hodbarrow mines opened. It then became a prosperous town with a population rising to 10,000 people. My memory is of Holborn Hill and a five year old girl who was evacuated there at the beginning of the war. She arrived at Millom station from Dartford after having a rough time at an evacuee collection centre. She was taken to live with a family in Holborn Hill.   
The little girl was called Betty Sherwood and in later years, she was now married, had tried to trace her wartime family. She and her husband had travelled from Yorkshire, where she now lived, to Millom to find them. Unfortunately she could not remember many details of the house she stayed at or the family name only that she had had many happy years... Read more

A Evacuee With Such Happy Memories of Millom

And Black Combe c1955, Millom
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I was placed with a lovely warm family, Ivor and Betty Boase, they made me so welcome. I spent about a year with them - they treated me as family member, it was the happiest time. They had a son, Derek and daughter Brenda. Uncle Ivor was into amateur dramatics and did many shows while I was there. I attended the local Cathlolic school and they made sure I went to mass every Sunday. My greatest regret was having to leave them. I was an adopted child with a mentally sick mother and she had me sent home so I never could say thank you to the family. I did go back to Surrey St but they were not there anymore, so if anyone remembers, thank you.

Eric And Ronnie Bowes Davis

St George's Church c1955, Millom
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We are the family of Eric Bowes Davis & Ronald Bowes Davis who was at Hodbarrow mines. Eric was my father in law; we visit Milllom quite a lot, we have strong connections of Millom and many pictures. Mildred Davis, Ronnie's wife, is my husband's auntie but sadly she has now passed away. Love looking at the pictures. Joyce Davis

St Georges Church Millom

St George's Church c1955, Millom
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This is the church where my grandma and grandad Kirby are buried. We recently visited the churchyard to place a wooden memorial cross on their grave. My friend of the 40's Norman Benson made the cross and had a brass name plate made to go on it. He often visited my grandparents when he lost his parents. Norman,his sister Vera, my sister Pam,her husband Bill and my wife Barbara and I were there to see the present vicar kindly say prayers over the grave after  the cross was in position. My grandad and grandma were liked and well known in Millom. The church itself was built about 1875 and has a memorial window dedicated to Norman Nicholson the writer and poet. He used to go to worship in this church. I as a boy remember him leaving his house on St Georges Terrace to go for a walk, then suddenly return to scribble notes about things he had thought of for a book or poem.

The Old Co-Op.

Wellington Street c1955, Millom
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I was born in Market Street in 1939. Later, because of the war, my mum left me in Millom for my grandad and grandma Kirby to look after me. Mum went back to be with my dad in heavily bombed Manchester. I spent the war years here and they were very happy years. After the war I went back to Manchester, but came back to Millom for all my school holidays. Wellington Street was a nice shopping street and I used to go to the Co-op with my grandad and grandma and watch money catapulted from the counter across the shop to the office and then the return journey of our change and divi book. We used to go to the Co-op bakery just as the newly baked bread had come out of the ovens each day (just like mother used to bake). We would take the bread home and my grandma would cut me a thick crust and spread butter on it. That taste cannot be repeated these days.... Read more

Cumbria memories

MR & Mrs Lockwood

My Grand parents lived in Kirksanton in 1928 and 1929 at Jubillee house.

( does anyone remember them)

The Green – 1952-53 (Seven Years Old)

I come from an RAF family that travelled across the globe until, in 1964 we ended up in Australia. Though english by birth, I am now an Australian, but I have fond memories of some parts of England where I grew up, especially The Green. I was six years old. One day, I was told we were going to Millom, which turned out to be an RAF base near the wilds of Cumbria, in the north of England, where my father was to be an instructor. We didn’t live on the base but at a village about ten miles out of town called The Green, which was very rural. We were on the edge of the Lake District, perhaps the most beautiful part of England. The neighbouring hills were Black Combe, White Combe and White Hall Knott. The house itself was stone with a tiny patch of lawn to the side, behind a stone wall that protected it from the road. To my recollection it was 100-200... Read more

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