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Isle of North Uist memories

A Childhood at Ardfenaig

Well, a little more than a childhood as I emigrated to New Zealand at the age of 24. I consider my upbringing at Ardfenaig to have been be the most fantastic thing that could have been. Sadly whilst it was in progress one does not truly understand the value of such freedom even though it was utterly enjoyable. My parents had purchased Ardfenaig House in 1949, in an almost derelict condition, and thirty acres of land comprising about half pasture and the other half woodland, some of it contrived and some just ancient. The property lies at the head of an inlet called Loch Caol and we had a sturdy granite pier on the foreshore where we kept an equaly sturdy clinker dingy or two. These were powered by a 40 plus Seagull engine which was kept clamped to an iron rail fence on the pier road when not in use. It always went when the string was pulled and in fact the second edition I still have to this day... Read more

Cameron Farmhouse

After my father died in 1984, knowing my dear mother's love of Scotland, we decided to take her to visit the beautiful Isle of Mull. At that time one was able to rent Cameron Farmhouse that was situated on the shores of Loch Buie, a wonderful location, close to the castle of Moy. Our party consisted of my husband and I, our daughter and her boyfriend, and of course Mother. The farmhouse was ideal, four bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and sitting room. Most rooms were facing the loch apart from the kitchen and a utilty room, which looked out to the hillside behind. An added delight was a freshwater spring gently tumbling over small rocks outside the utility room. Our holiday was idyllic, days wandering along the shore - my husband fishing, trips to Tobermory and an unforgettable evening at the small theatre in Dervaig. We had two trips to Iona and my husband accompanied mother on a trip to Staffa - after which we enjoyed a scrumptious meal of fresh lobster... Read more

Childhood Memories of Piperhill Farm

I have vivid memories of Piperhill farm and house despite my age at the time (2). My father was a clerk of works at Brackla airfield at the time and we all lived with the Urquharts at the farm. I have clear memories of the farmhouse and farm buildings, particularly the scents of the steading, hay loft, stable and piggery. Mrs Urquhart kept bees for the honey, and also a small orchard. There was a pine wood across from the house and again I remember the  scent of the pines. My parents and myself returned for a holiday in 1947 to the farm. The house is still there but the original farm buildings appear to be derelict, with a large industrial building built adjacent to the buildings.

Glenferness Memories

My grandfather Robert Shaw and then my uncle also Robert Shaw farmed Tomnarroch Farm at Glenferness from the 1930s to 1960s. I spent many many happy times at Tomnarroch. Used to cycle there most weekends from Nairn. Remember cutting peat on the moor on the Grantown Road near Glenferness, helping with the hay and the combine harvester. My uncle used horses until he bought a tractor in the early 1950s. My uncle Bob also had a liking for poultry and I used to help prepare the birds for the local farming shows, shining their feathers with a silk cloth and putting rouge on their combs and giving them a "manicure". Regards from my Tomnarroch Farm in New Zealand, Min Walker nee Davidson

My Childhood Friends

I often think about my school friends at Conicavel and wonder where they all are today. I dream all the time of how I wish we could have kept in touch and maybe at some point have had a reunion. I, along with my Brother Billy Feaks, went to Conicavel at the same time, then on to Forrest Academy. I remember my friend Marlene Shaw, and the fun we had together, and her nasty little wire haired terrier that would bite. My other friend, Peter Fraser, we lost touch after I left home to work as a Nannies assistant in Edinburgh and then eventually went to live in the US. Peter was a special friend and I often wonder where life took him. His brother Noel, cousin Gordon Fraser were friend of my brothers. Memories of the dances we all went to at Redstone Hall, Oh what fun! Playing Rounders in the school playground and hitting those balls over the school roof, I had a good strong arm back then.... Read more

Cullerne Farm Caravan Site Around 1958

Cullerne Farm Caravan Site was owned by Willy Bichen, farmer of Blinkbonny, Brodie. The caravans made use of the old hard standings, for part of the farmlands had been an airfield. There was small brook where there were wild yellow lupin or perhaps they were broom bushes and the scent of the flowers was like sweet coconut.


Primary school teacher was Miss Barbara Chisolm. She married a local farmer, Jack Cumming, and they farmed Abbeylands at least until the early fifties. The house and farm buildings were demolished and several houses are there now. The local Post Office was also located in that building and was run by Mrs Cumming. At that time the Abbey was called Pluscarden Priory, a ruin around which children used to play. It was in the forties that Benedictine monks came and started to restore the Priory.
On the occasion of a funeral, there was a shining black hearse drawn by equally shiny, beautifully groomed horses (four, I think) with plumes on their heads and well-polished leather harness, also extensively decorated and wonderful to see.
The public hall was well used for concerts, whist drives and dances and I can remember promotions like "The Ovaltineys" and "Creamola Custard" providing lively entertainment.
Occasions such as King George V Silver Jubille and the Coronation of George VI were celebrated with a huge bonfire on... Read more

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