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Walk to Longview Secondary Modern School

I am at present writing my memories of the Second World War. I lived in Filtom Road, Mossley Hill and I would walk to school over the River Alt and up past what we called Lord Derby's estate where there was a big gate house, then we walked along by the high wall of the estate to school. Over this wall which bordered the estate there were deer, a game keeper with a gun and the best conkers you could find. On the way home we would pass the internment camp and stop to talk to the prisoners. I remember the blackouts, the invasions and rationing, but I can't remember the name of the farm we passed. Can anyone help me with memories of this area. The farm could have been Jackson's Farm.

Merseyside memories

Historic Roby

All my life I have lived minutes away from the famous Liverpool and Manchester railroad, opened 1830 by the Duke of Wellington, Prime Minister, fifteen years after Waterloo, and have daily heard the trains travelling along the Roby embankment, north of historic Bowring Park in Roby, which was gifted in 1906 by William Benjamin Bowring, first elected Lord Mayor of Liverpool. I cannot recall them ever not running! Decades of uninterrupted train service, from wonderful steam locomotives to present day diesel. Unbelievably to be electrified in the near future. How awful to have pylons attached to that famous line. I would support any endeavours to have it listed as a World Heritage Site, being the first of its type in the world. Thank you for reading this. Friends of Bowring Park are organising a heritage project this year, if anyone is interested in taking part. Tel: 0151 482 1116

Helping A Well-Known Comedian

Being brought up in Knotty Ash I lived quite close to Liverpool's famous comedian Ken Dodd. In those days Ken had a large van, and used to come around the area selling pots and pans and many other household items. I used to go round knocking on doors to help sell the wares. About ten years ago I was at a private show in nearby Prescot in a hotel where Ken was performing. When the show was over I waited for Ken to come back into the room for photographs. I said to him "The last time I spoke to you, you were sending me up garden paths knocking on doors." Immediately he replied "Do you remember Alan Shields who was one of our 'gang'?" and he went off with quite a long funny story about Alan. I was amazed at his memory, to remember an event which happened in the 1940s and which he could so easily bring to mind. Ken had an uncle called 'Little Bill', he was only about three... Read more

1970's, Huyton Village

I have very fond memories of Huyton - especially Huyton village, in the 1970's. We used to live in Ardennes Road and my beloved nana, Sally (Sarah) Ryan, lived just around the corner in Salerno Drive. Even though we never had much money, Christmas and summer times there were magical. I attended a few schools there before we moved to the Wirral - St. Agnes, St. Aidens and St. Michaels and remember the headmaster of the latter was a Mr Parker and another teacher was Mrs Lyons. I used to love going to the Old Dairy for their home made lolly ices and remember there was an old fashioned bell above the door that rang to announce a customer - sadly, the dairy is no longer there. My mum used to shop in Fine Fare, Tesco, Sayers, Fourbouys, Ethel Austin and the green grocers on the corner near Tesco. We used to take buses 6c or 40 into Liverpool city centre and on Sundays, I really looked forward to... Read more

Alamein Barracks at Huyton

I had never even heard of Huyton, much less been there until I joined the Territorial Army in 1967. I had enlisted at a recruiting office in Manchester and attended the Alamein Barracks for my basic training in 1967.

In those far off days we wore our uniform instead of civvies when leaving the barracks and I have happy memories of a bunch of us "squaddies" riding on the top of a double decker bus into Liverpool city centre for an evening's entertainment!
The trouble with this was that the beery evening always seemed to be followed by an early start the next morning! Believe me Corporal Stewart's drill was not the best cure for a hangover. Sometimes instead of drill we would pile into the back of a "three-tonner" and drive out to the nearest firing ranges at Altcar.

I passed out successfully and was posted to the 42 East Lancashire Squadron of the Lancs Yeomanry - soon to become 33rd Signal Regiment. ... Read more

The Mayfair Picture House

I left Huyton to go in the army in 1956 and met my lovely wife and stayed in Wiltshire but never forgot The Mayfair picture house. It was Joey Dutton and me who started calling it 'The Ranch' because of all the cowboy pictures.

Alamein Barracks

These barracks were used as the recruit training centre for the Territorial Army and all volunteers serving with the 33rd (Lancashire and Cheshire) Signal Regiment completed basic training here in the 1960's before passing out to "trade training" with the Royal Signals. I completed my initial training here and quickly went on to train in Germany at RAF Geilenkirchen with the 42nd Signal Squadron. Altough the official MOD records show RAF Geilenkirchen closing in January 1968, it continued in service as a training location for the Territorial Army. I served there in November 1968 with 33rd (Lancashire and Cheshire) Signal Regiment on exercises for my annual camp. I recall US servicemen were also based there so it would have been used as a NATO base (AFCENT, Allied Forces Central Europe). As a German speaker I had more than my fair share of guard duty on the main gate interpreting for the GI's, as it seemed the US Army posted mainly black soldiers on the gate and they needed language... Read more

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