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Merton And Morden Childrens Association Annual Camp.

The Entrance to Church Farm c1965, Pagham
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I first attended this camp in 1954 as a baby of 10 months of age and my first experience of the sea was with my father at that tender age. I attended for at least the next 10 years and learned to swim in the sea at Pagham and often played in the penny arcade and in the dunes behind the beach. I also used to fish for crabs at the old harbour and also fished with my father at the lagoon. I have very fond memories of the place and the camp - even if I think back and look at the possibility that we were probably a bit of a shock to such a small village. We used to travel to the camp - which lasted for a fortnight - in London red buses with our luggage being brought down separately on the back of a lorry, and we stayed in a field (I think at or near Church Farm) in army bell tents which were loaned to... Read more

Pagham Beach Deck Chairs.

The Lagoon c1955, Pagham
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In 1955, my mum owned the Beach Deckchair stand and the Penny Arcade named Funland. I worked on the beach chairs, and the Arcade in the evenings during the summer holidays. I recall that the bungalow next to the stand was called Laughing Waters and the elderly lady owner, had charge of her son's car in her garage; it was a vintage bull-nosed Morris car with spare petrol cans on the running boards! I swam in the Lagoon and saw many large conger eels there and they use to cross the Beach at night to reach the Sea. Happy days, we had a caravan on 'Lagoon Strip' at Church Farm Caravan site. I helped the racing driver who owned the site in later years to recover his new E Type Jag' that the hooligans had pushed into the ditch. I drove a tractor for the first time and recall that the bonnet was damaged and no spares were yet available as the factory had not yet made any!

Church Farm Caravan Site 1975-1979

The Entrance to Church Farm c1965, Pagham
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I have just booked a holiday to Church Farm Caravan Site for May 2011 and the reason for this is I used to holiday there every year from 1975 to 1979. My parents had a caravan on the Saltings I think it was number 11. We used to driver there in my dad's Ford Zephyr car and I can still remember the registration and the long front seats in red plastic made to look like leather. Our caravan had candles for lights which you lit with matches and blew out at bedtime, it had no loo and I remember all the spiders lurking in the communal toilet at the end of the field. We used to have a bucket to pee in through the night and I always used to laugh when my dad put the tea cosy on his head when he made the tea in the mornings. We collected water from a big tap and the gas man came around with a bottle when you ran out. It... Read more

FUNLAND Penny Arcade

The Entrance to Church Farm c1965, Pagham
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My late mum was part owner of the Funland Arcade and I worked there evenings, doing repairs to the 'Allwins' penny amusements and counting pennies etc. I worked on her deckchair stand on the beach and also sold ice cream on the beach and in her café. I crewed the pleasure boat The Pagham Queen, she kept me very busy during the summer holiday season. I had a caravan on Lagoon Strip, on the Church Farm Camp site and knew old Archie who used a horse and cart to empty the elsan chemical toilets, I loved that horse he was so friendly. I heard a tale that Old Archie dropped his sandwiches in the septic tank and ate them! He said it was ok as they were in a bag! He collected empty glasses from the local pub, the Kings Beach Hotel. Mum eventually departed Pagham with the guy who hired out the social cycles and radios and moved to a holiday camp in the Isle of White where my... Read more

Church Farm

The Entrance to Church Farm c1965, Pagham
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I too have lovely memories of Church Farm, we used to take our daughter there in the 1980s, staying in a friend's caravan in the Salting. We made some good friends. My daughter had such fond memories of the place that she continues to visit there, and in fact this year my daughter, myself and my beautiful new granddaughter are taking a week's holiday there. I hope my granddaughter will fall in love with the place just as we did.

Memories of The 'pedaloes'.....

The Lagoon c1955, Pagham
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As a child in the fifties I remember staying at 'Elasrofton' on West Front Road and getting very tired pedalling the pedaloes shown around the lagoon. For a small boy they definitely had 'windage' and the Lagoon often had lots of wind.
I like the fact that the name of the bungalow I stayed in has not changed and I wonder how many people have understood the name (read it backwards).
We now stay at the family bungalow on East Front Road.

Pagham in The Sixties Continued

The Entrance to Church Farm c1965, Pagham
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Following on to the mention of Jessie Booth and husband who lived at Waverley in Lagoon Road - I had the pleasure of knowing husband George Booth (the General) as also called, whilst serving my apprenticeship with the Electricity Board at the Bognor depot, 1963 to 1968. George was a really nice guy, so easy going, we used to cycle miles around the area going from one job to another. He was so well liked that customers would ask if that nice Mr Booth would be coming. I can remember a rewire at one of the converted railway carriages on East Front road, where all of the wiring was surface clipped and George carefully cutting the wire nails so that the skin of the ceiling was not punctured, thus keeping the rain out! Not too far away, in Sea Lane, another Electricity Board employee Charlie Major and wife, long associated with the Pagham Chestnuts group.

17th Century Murder Replayed at Church Norton.

The Quay c1960, Pagham
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The more I think back on this incident, the more bizzare and terryfying it seems. In 2001, around Oct/Nov, myself and a friend drove to the car park at Church Norton church at about 11:00pm. We were at a bit of a loose end, as 19/20 somethings can be, so decided to visit this quiet, south-west corner of Pagham Harbour with the aim of checking out the story of the grey lady. We'd heard various tales about a ghostly grey figure seen in the churchyard and that it even floated alongside cars as they left the car park.
We drove slowly into the car park, the stones crunched loudly under the tyres and we discovered that there were no other cars parked up. It seemed we were alone. We parked on the left with our bonnet pointed at a line of trees and our rear window facing the old castle mound. The entrance to the churchyard was about 30 feet away as we looked out of the driver side window.... Read more

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