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The Fairy Glen Hotel

Bryn Hedd 1939, Penmaenmawr
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My mom and dad owned The Fairy Glen Hotel from 1949-1952. Anyone out there who lived there around that time?

Restoration Cont...10/11/12

Eden Hall 1948, Penmaenmawr
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This week, with the help of my friend Joe, we finished clearing the pond and cut the grass. You will notice from the photo that there are steps leading from the pond to the lawn, these are completely overgrown with grass so my next job is to find out if they were stone steps and if so are they still in good order. If someone knows please advise. I will then restore them. Will keep you posted.


Eden Hall 1948, Penmaenmawr
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I first visited Eden Hall gardens in 1953 approx. at the age of 7. The gardens were magical for a young lad from Liverpool, especially the goldfish pond. I was very disappointed to find that it had been so neglected when I returned 5 years ago. I now have a static caravan at Craiglewyd Caravan Park just around the corner so I have decided to restore the garden. I have cleared all the pathways of foliage and cleared the empty pond of debris, rubbish and soil ready for leakage checking. The keyholder is helping clear the pathways of slippery moss. With the help of the Council we can get this park back to something like its original state, but unfortunately without all the statues as these were vandalised. The Council have promised funding manpower to help. Will keep you posted.

Major Lester Girls School Holiday

Bryn Hedd 1939, Penmaenmawr
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During the late '50s and early '60s, 4th Year girls from Major Lester CP School, Liverpool stayed here for a week each summer. For many of the children this was their first holiday and a wonderful experience of life in the countryside, so different from their inner city experience. I retain quite vivid memories of my visit there in 1960, not only the long walks, rounders on the beach but terrifying each other at night-time with ghost stories!

10 Esplanade

I am searching for Margeret Tegwen Jones. Her parents lived at 10 Esplanade and she would be in her 70s now. Does anyone know this family or have any information. please let me know or add a comment.


My first holiday away from parents was Youth Hostelling in North Wales in 1972 with Ken White. We started off at Conway, and took in Penmaenmawr, Bangor, Bryn Hall, and others. My fondest memory was at Penm, and I returned whilst on honeymoon in 1995 - only to see it being bulldozed to the ground! Did anyone else stay there, and do they have any pictures of it?


Does anyone have any pics of the old Youth Hostel on the clifftop from the early 1970s?


While visiting the beach at Penmaenmawr in the early 1960s I remember my family and I, along with other people, watching a UFO hovering over the beach for what seemed like hours, but I think was only several minutes. I remember it disappeared from sight very quickly indeed. It was mentioned in the national press. Does anyone else remember this?

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