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My Father: Italian Prisoner During The Last World War

Hello, I am the son of an Italian prisoner who spent a long period in Potterspury (according to my father's memory). I am in search of information on that period. My father worked there as a labourer on a farm, I don't know the name of that family, but I would like to thank those people and in particular the owner of that farm. I am looking for someone who met my father: my father's name was Carlo Crippa from Milan, Lombardy, Italy. Thanks a lot for any info. mail address : Gianfranco Crippa

Northamptonshire memories

Whittlebury Lodge College

I was a pupil at Whittlebury College 1962-1964 . The school was run by Major Meager and his wife as a sort of "crammer" for those of us who needed to get more help for O and A levels. The teachers were perhaps not the best in the county but did help many to get the O levels that were needed, including myself but not in my subjects as I was expelled before I could take three more O Levels. I was seen smoking a Woodbine in the coppice just north of the school and was reported by a prefect (who I did not get along with). Lester Piggott's (the well known jockey) son was a junior at the school and his mother and father were particularly upset to find their fine young son had taken a puff or two of a Woodbine or similar! Major Meager was quick to make a new rule that anyone caught smoking would be punished too the maximum extent! I had been caned before by... Read more

Old Boys

I can remember pupils attending: Malcolm Airey, Clive/Bill Needham, Christopher Strother, Antony Meager, Pinkerton, Baxter, Kimberley, George Wallace, Ward, Philip Lacey, my brothers Stephen and Mark Pink. I am John Pink. Staff I can remember are Major Meager, Mr Rhodes, Mr Smith, Mr Burr, Mr Thurston, Mr Ryan, Major Hyde-Upward. The Matrons Mrs Smith, Miss Brooks. Mr Smith, master. Philip Sproughton, Mr and MrsShelton who were responsible for maintenance. Other old boys are Robert Sewell, Castle, John Bugden, Michael Hayes, Dampney. I wonder how they are all getting on.

Memory of School

Mr Thurston, music master. Mr Meager, Major Meager's father, also music teacher, remember him as a very old man, another master, Mr Pepper, I believe at the end of term whilst going home had a car accident, collided into a bus in thick fog. Do you remember Wells pupil, also John Luston. Jeffrey Watts, Pen A Pen B. Morris I can remember at Chicherly Hall, when they were making good on a new tuck shop, just before opening we were all queuing for food when somebody threw a boot over the top, hitting Mr Smith the English teacher, he came out and blamed Morris for it who had nothing to do with it. Hope to hear from you,
John Pink

Whittlebury School

Martin, I believe I remember you, and I also remember Phillip Sproughton. I would like to hear from you. What happened to Major Meager, and Miss Brooks? John Pink

Whittlebury School Reunion ?

Is there an interest in a reunion of all the old boys from the school? I was thinking along the lines of a once only in say mid 2011, if I could have some feedback and see what happens. Contact is

Whittlebury School 1960-63

Ah Whittlebury! Always knew that infamous dump would surface on the www sooner or later. A regime model for any totalitarian state, I still remember the oppression and dehumanisation that prevailed there, where the only way out was up (join the oppressors) or out (escape to brief freedom before the police picked you up and you were seamlessly reinserted). I remember only half-jokingly forming an escape committee, and the boy who cunningly concealed himself in the deer park for a week, in a bramble thicket, to whom we smuggled out supplies of food filched from the kitchens before he chose to walk back in. Also recall liberating saws from the woodwork room one freezing night in '62 and sawing off antlers from the frozen stags in the moonlight. I took three O levels with a 'select' group when I was fifteen and then virtually gave the whole thing up as a con, spending most of the time in the Art room under the genial eye of Dennis Johnson. Then went... Read more

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