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Cheshire memories

The Very Old Farm.

Does anyone remember the old farm? It stood on the site where the primary school now stands. It later became an ARP post (I think), but I used to go and watch the farmer feed the pigs.. I loved it.

Remembering Bredbury

I was born at 7 Osborne Street, 1948 and grew up there. I got married at 21 and moved to Tarvin Drive for several years before moving on to Hull and then Little Brington, Northamptonshire where I still am. I remember all the places that are mentioned and played as a child in many of them. I must have been one of the first intakes into Arden which was the only building at the top of Osborne Street at the time. We had fish and chips from Black's most Friday nights (6d bag of chips and a fish which was 9d I think). I remember Howard and Billy who lived there as well as Jean Smith from the chemists and Jacqualine Ingle from the corner shop. We used to play "Kick Can" outside the chippy a lot at one time which was really good fun. The alleyway that runs up behind the shops on Osborne street was a really good hiding spot. My fondest memory was of everyone being caught apart... Read more

Growing up in Bredbury

I was born in Romiley in 1951 and went to Bredbury County Primary School and then to Highfield Secondary Modern. I have written a book called Confessions of a Kid all about Growing up In Bredbury and Romiley. The primary school has since been demolished; could anyone tell me when that crime was commited? any relevant information on those times would be of interest.

Barrack Hill School And The Woods

I was beginning to think Barrack Hill School had never existed. At the moment I've been trying to get information on the school; so any memories you have would be a great help. Do you remember the teachers, especially Mrs. Guyton, Mr. Hume, Mr. Hibert, Mr. and Mrs. Garlic? Some of my friends were Pete Norry, John Pemperton and Graham Cook, I had a crush on Carol Gregson, and Lyn Morton (from Morton's farm). I was in the school choir and head milk boy. I used to play in the Chadkirk woods; we used to get our conkers from there (I loved those woods) We were always going on walks near the black and white farm and another of our favorite playgrounds were the woods near Bredbury Hall (we called it Bluebell Woods); we were told not to go near Bredbury Hall because it was haunted. Happy days?


I too was born at Bredbury in 1951 and attended Barrack Hill Primary School from
1957-1962. then went on to Highfield. I have a good memory of those early days and recall teachers such as ( juniors) Mrs.Ridley. Mrs. Lambert, Mrs Gyton. Miss Palmer. ( seniors) Miss Heaton. Mr. Brown. Mr. Garlick.
Some class mates I recall (in no particular order) were Christopher Needham. Brian Eyre.
Clifford Richardson. Robert Lambert. Anthony Booth. Peter Sullivan. Alan Timperley.Barry Harrop.
The girls I recall were : Judith Garlick ( daughter of the teacher) Janet Pruce, Susan Dean.Harvene Stenton. I have fond memories of those days. Playing football and rounders in the school playground and forever knocking/kicking the ball into the garden of the house next to the playgound !
I also recall the lollipop lady outside the school and cenotaph. She was a neighbour on our's a Mrs. Annie.Wood. Her son Kevin also attended Barrack Hill. Another memory was marching each morning into assembly and listening to the Headmaster Mr.... Read more

Barrack Hill School

I was born in Bredbury in 1941 and went to Barrack Hill School, I remember Mrs Gyton, Mrs Heaton, Mrs Stannier. I also remember the dinner meals being delivered to the school in milk churns. Later a Kitchen and Dining Room was built. I think another Teacher was called Mrs or Miss Roper? I left that school and went to Bredbury Secondary Modern School, leaving in summer 1956. Teachers there were Mr Kershaw, Mr Robertshaw, Mr Douglas, Mr Taylor, Mr Carduss, Mr Blakeman Mr Masters, Mr Benion?, the Head Teacher was Mr J. C. Edwards. One place I remember playing was a field where Hopwoods scrap yard used to scrap the old tramcars. I also remember walking past Black and White Farm with my parents on Sundays on a regular afternoon walks. Also with friends Peter Whyatt, Alan Farr, and others going onto the island in the River Goyt near the wier, lighting a fire and cooking potatos. I left Bredbury in 1960 when I got married. returning in... Read more


I went to St Marks. My memory was a teacher called Miss Briggs. She read a book called Albert Shwietser - I might have spelt the name wrong - but you could hear a pin drop as she read this book - just a few chapters each week until it was finished. We played in the air raid shelters at playtime when the teachers had coffee; you could smell it all over the school. I remember a lad called Harry who was blind. He just stood in one place at playtime - we felt sorry for him. Miss Newton was teacher - she played the piano - a tune called The Merry Peasant. I saw her years later at my daughters christening.

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