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Rilla Mill

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My Young Life at Rilla Mill

I was born at Rilla Mill on the 1st of September 1934 in what was, in those days, the Police Station. This house was opposite the Manor Inn. My father was the local policeman, and he was called Ewart Pearce. His family were from St Blazey Gate. I lived in the Police Station with my sister Margaret Elizabeth, and my mother who came from Constantine. She was called Lilian Thomas. There were three shops in the village when we lived there. There was the Davy's, just up from the Police Station on the opposite side of the hill, then there was Mr Dob's who had a shop just below the old Village Hall (where the mobile cinema came on Monday nights), and there was also a shop down the bottom of the village, over the River Lyner bridge and on the right at the bottom of Masome Lane. My friends at my growing up period until we moved in 1943 were the Davy brothers from the shop. There was Peter... Read more

Living at Addicroft Mill

I was born at Addicroft mill. The picture on the cover of the book "A Millstone Around My Neck"my mum says is exactly what it was like when we lived there. She has many memories of life there as does my sister....Olver was our name. They were very hard but happy days. Mum and Dad had the electricity put in...

'The Glass Mountain'

I remember going to Rilla Mill to see 'The Glass Mountain', I think it was Joan Fontayne. My grandmother lived in Bathpool, at Cockerels Rest with my grandfather and Charles Rice, plus dog. Charles and the dog used to walk to Rilla Mill every day to get the paper. My grandmother used to do tailoring and my grandfather worked at Harris's, down in Bathpool Village. We lived at Antony and must have got a bus so far as Upton Cross. From there we used to walk from Upton Cross, past Darley Ford up past Miss Harrisons and down past the chapel to my grandmothers. It must have been in the late 1940s, I really don't remember the date, but it was many years after that, in the 1970s, when I met a gentleman who delivered cakes to the shop which I was running and we got talking and he was evacuated to Rilla Mill, and he told me that he used to watch films in the hut too. Small world.... Read more

The Picture House.

How many people remember the picture shows which were held in a hut at the top of the hill. I was one of the London evacuees billeted at Minions, and some of us would walk to the pictures and back again - how far was that! We were at Upton Cross school and I can recall the class being told to bring a lunch to school one day as Mr Bartholomew, our teacher, was to take us up on the moors, I think towards Sharp Tor, to see a bomb crater. Relations of the elderly couple I lived with owned Addicroft Mill, they were George and Ethel Pike, and we loved going there. I believe the Mill was bought at one time by the author and artist Norman Thelwell, and I have his book, 'A Millstone Round My Neck', with his drawing of the Mill. I used to visit Cornwall most years and always came back to Minions, usually to have a pub lunch, and then drove down the hill... Read more

Cornwall memories

Cricket at The Quoit.

I just read a memoir by John Stanyon about playing cricket at Trethevy Quoit. I played with your family.Would love to hear from Ruth.

Happiest Days of my Life!

I grew up in Venterdon, not leaving until I was twelve years old. The things I remember most, apart from my many friends, were football playing and many hours spent playing on the redundant steam rollers, in the field behind Dingle's yard. My family, the Edwards's, had lived there for several generations. We used to walk to school at Stoke, on the way, collecting "fag packets" and matchboxes. Pictures was on a Wednesday night at the village hall, which cost a shilling!

Happy Days

I lived in Venterdon in the house opposite Dingles yard from 1951 til 1960, and six mornings a week steam rollers would start trundling out from 8am. At that time Venterdon consisted of a single file of houses right up through the village. Some of the older cottages did not have water and these people would fetch buckets of water from the village tap for cooking, bathing and for the weekly wash. No toilet facilities either so toilets were also buckets in the sheds in back gardens. I went to Stoke primary school which only had 3 classrooms and Mr Cardew was the headmaster, and from Stoke to Callington Grammar. We always used to go up Kitt Hill for picnics and celebrations such as Midsummers Eve and bonfire night. Wonderful days with lots of friends.

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