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Lancashire memories

Free-Wheeling Down Pendle Hill

I was 19 years old and loved cycling. My aim was to cycle from Blackpool, where I lived, to Barley Youth Hostel on Pendle Hill. Unfortunately, I calculated too little time to reach my destination and found myself at the bottom of Pendle Hill, Padiham, I think, at in December. It was pitch black and the battery on my front light was low. I was scared because the hill was steep and I had to push my bike. One image is ingrained in my memory. Down below, to my far left there were the orange neon streets lights of a major town and to my near left, silhouetted against this backdrop of the town, was a gnarled old tree. Close to the tree was a stream and in my frightened state I could not at first identify the sound of the gushing water. On and on I pushed my bike until I reached the YHA, where I had to knock long... Read more

Whealtey Lane, Fence in 1978

My husband became the minister of Wheatley Lane Inghamite Church at the far end of the village of Fence in 1978. In those days we believe it was the busiest church in England (at least) for weddings and funerals. In six years, my husband officiated at over 1000 weddings and 800 funerals. The church (a branch of Methodism) opened in 1750 and the 13 acre graveyard contained (we were told) over 100,000 burials. Our twin daughters, who were five years old when we moved to Fence, learned to ride their bikes by riding around the church and car park!  Many memories are of the funny things that happened during some of the weddings and funerals. I have a book of them! Our cat, Pippin, was well known for attending every service and occasion. He would walk down the aisle and rub himself against the bridegroom's legs - to my husband's acute embarrassment!  The manse, where we lived, was next door to the church and was built originally for a local... Read more

White Bear

The White Bear Inn c1950, Barrowford
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A nice picture of the Whire Bear, but not quite reality - where is the mill behind it and Stansfield's plumbers next door?

White Bear

The White Bear Inn c1950, Barrowford
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Haighton's is one of the mills to which you refer where my parents worked. Is that John Hill the teacher whose mother's name was Margaret? I was formerly Margaret Drake, nee Mount.

Nelson Speedway And Shop Close by

The White Bear Inn c1950, Barrowford
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When I was a young lad I used to go to Nelson Speedway. My memories are very vague now but I do remember the smell of the bikes, and ducking down hiding from the gravel spit out whilst the bikes went around the corners. Happy innocent days long before health and safety took the fun out of it for us! After the races we used to go to a shop close to the track and get a drink of pop which if my memory serves me well was named Bulls Blood! They also sold sarsaparilla and dandelion and burdock. On looking back I wondered if it was owned by a company called Mr Fitspatricks? They opened temperance bars in Nelson and Burnley now long gone I am afraid. I am researching the history of the business (Mr Fitzpatricks) and wondered if anyone visiting this website knew anything about this shop or anything regarding the business. As I say I know it is a long shot but having found this website... Read more

Borough Hotel

Leeds Road c1955, Nelson
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This photo brings back a lot of memories for me as a kid aged 5 in 1971, when me and my older brother spent around 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon playing outside the pub(Borough Hotel) and the steps of Woolworths (just a bit further up the street). Waiting for one of our parents to come out of the pub every hour or so with bottles of pop and bags of crisps for us, then saying only another 10 minutes, one hour later same again... but we didn't mind too much as it was the most pop & crisps we got all week!!!!!!
I know it's a strange one to remember, but every time I look at this photo that's what pops into my head...

Marsden Park

The Swimming Pool c1955, Nelson
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I can remember the only time I went in the pool at Marsden Park. I couldn't swim and was about 7 years old. For some reason prob the cold water my mum didn't want  to go in the water so a neighbour took me in. That was the only time I ever went in. I live in Australia now and have a pool in my backyard. I went back to Nelson in 2004 and took my two boys to Marsden Park. I felt really sad that  the pool wasn't there any more. Shame on you Nelson, some things should be looked after. Marsden Park was looking a mess as well. Why don't you spend some money on places that have so much history.

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