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Bedfordshire memories

Service Days

I was an R.A.F. Police cpl. from 1948 - 1950. Met many good friends, also my wife who was in the W.R.A.F. signals. Would be very interested to hear from anyone who remembers Bill (Don) or Toni. We would like to hear from George (Bob )Brockwell in particular, his wife Peggy, or his daughter Carol.
My wife and I have been married 61years had three sons and now live in Melbourne Australia.

Family Stories

My family lineage (Samuel) comes from Bedfordshire mainly around Old Warden and Biggleswade. My father always said at bedtime, "right, up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire!"

Asylum Road Arlesey

The Blue Lagoon c1960, Arlesey
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Alma Allen was born at home in Asylum Road, Arlesey, now called Hospital Road. They later moved in with Herbert's dad, Big Jim, who lived in the Gothic Farm House that was at the bottom of the yet to be built Lynton Avenue. One day her little brother George got out and was found cuddling the huge shire horse's leg. This obviously frightened them, but she said the horse stood dead still and never moved a muscle, as if he knew it was a toddler down there. Herbert, Alma's dad, then bluffed his way into the Foreman's job at Arlesey London Brickyard. They the got the foreman's house at the brickyard, handy for the pub. I remember mum telling me she always wanted to go with her older brothers and sisters, but being the smallest they used to put her in an empty clay carrying truck and start it rocking up and down. By the time it stopped and she could jump out they were gone. I remember my brother and sister doing... Read more


The Blue Lagoon c1960, Arlesey
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THE LAKE as we called it was the other side of the bunny hills, brings back memories of our childhood. The house nearby was once occupied by the Manager of the brick company, that dug out the clay that created the lake, he was our great Grand dad Aaron Gibbs, he died long before I was born but our Granny Hay was his daughter, she lived at 40 Stotfold Road and we used to listen intently as she told us of her rather strict but privileged childhood. We would spend hours at the lake and surrounding area during our school holidays, when we stayed with my Gran we always made our way to the lake every day, there always seem to be some relatives visiting at the same time and we all loved playing over there.


I was born in Arlesey in 1940 in the large house next to St Peter's church, it was a lovely old place. My mother took my brother Ted and sister Marion to Arlesey when things started to get bad in Islington, London. I was born November 14th 1940, the night the Germans bombed Coventry. They said the bombers were flying over Arlesey all night, my dad said some were so low you could almost throw a stone at them. My gran lived in no 40 Stofold Road. After the war we spent many a happy summer holiday with her and my grandad and cousin Terry, it was lovely. My first memory was fighting with my sister Marion who was to ring the bell to let my Aunt Mary and her children know it was dinner time. We had rooms on the ground floor in Arlesey House, she and her three children lived upstairs. The summers seemed to always be sunny, none more so when my brother Frank was born on... Read more

Arlesey Bedfordshire

When my dad was demobbed after the war in 1946, we had to move back to London because of his job. We had all our funiture put on a lorry, and the local publican, a Ted Bland, delivered us to a requestioned place over a shop in Hornsey Road, Holloway, Islington, London. This became the second phase in my wonderful childhood, but it took some time to get used to the locals, at the finish they turned out to be the best people you could ever meet, but while we tried to settle in we were pining for Arlesey, and could not wait to go for a visit to my gran, grandad and cousin Terry, we idolised him. My eldest brother Ted was always his biggest fan. We would go to Kings Cross and pick up the Birch Brothers coach, and sit back and enjoy the wonderful scenic route through the countryside, eventually arriving at the Henlow crossroads two hours later. We stayed with them at 40 Stofold Road. Next... Read more

My Dad, Dennis

Hello. My dad was born in Arlesey 1926 at 77 High Street, his name is Dennis James Saunderson. His mother was Ada Lillian Saunderson and his father was Arthur Taleyson Jones, they married in Biggleswade registry office December 24th 1924. My grandfather disappered after 1926, and his mother went back to her maiden name. I would be grateful if anyone out there has family who lived there at that time, could tell me why or where or what happened at that time? Thank you so much. 77 High Street was where they all lived with Ada's grandparents, Hannah and Charles Saunderson. Thank you, I have been looking for information for over 13 years and haven't got any family alive now that can tell me. From Mrs Denise Saunderson-Charter.

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