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Shildon Operatic Society

Church Street c1965, Shildon
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From 1976 to 1981 I was a member of Shildon Operatic Society. How I loved to be part of this talented, enthusiastic team. I started as a dancer and enjoyed taking part in "Carousel" and "The King and I" then small speaking parts in "The Pajama Game" and various pantomimes. We played in the Civic Theatre, Darlington in those days. What a thrill! I left only because I moved from the area. It was a great pity to learn that the society had to close its doors. A sad loss to the people of Shildon and surrounding areas. Oh well, happy memories. Is there anyone out there who were members of the Society, with happy memories?

A Long Time Ago

Church Street c1965, Shildon
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My Godmother Ruth Pallister came from Shildon. Her father and mother owned a shop there, and she would recount the story of a bull or steer that escaped from the local slaughter house, and pushed its head through the shops front window. I am not too sure of the date, but shortly afterwards they moved to Ryhope and started a business there. I think this would be just before the start of the First World War, but as nearly all my relatives are now dead, getting exact information is almost impossible. I have lived in the south west of France for many years and in September am making a nostalgic trip back to Blighty. Shildon is on my "must visit" list.


Church Street c1965, Shildon
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My father and grandmother were born in Shildon and later moved to Darlington, and my father then to Hull. As a child I remember visiting some friends of theirs, Lizzie and Charlie Bowser in Kilburn Street, Shildon. Does anyone have any memories of this couple going back to the 1950s?

Douglas Hall

Wesley Crescent c1965, Shildon
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I was the vice captain of the Timothy Hackworth Junior School football team when we won the cup and league. I think we won every game of the season. I was in love with Pauline Baker when I was 5 and lived in South St.

Church Street Shildon

Church Street c1965, Shildon
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This street had changed little until the mid seventies. Today the street is still recogonisible with several of the buildings still looking the same style, but under new ownership.

Shildon Operatic Society

I was in the Shildon Operatic Society about 1970 to 1974. I really enjoyed it. We did such shows as Oliver, the Sound of Music and South Pacific. I was sorry to hear that they are no longer performing. I do not live in Shildon any more. I live in Idaho, USA. I like it but I miss Shildon alot. It will always be home. All of my family are still in England, some in Shildon still, of course I miss them more than I can say.

Past Times

I was born in Byerley Road, Shildon, just up from the picture-house - Hippodrome I think. The male population worked either in the pits or on the railways, you could tell the time by the shift-ends when the men either went to work or returned home. I went to Timothy Hackworth School till I was eleven, then I went to Bishop Auckland.When we went on holiday, never more than a week, it was to visit relatives and we went by train. At the back of Byerley Road there were allotments and beyond those were the pit heaps and fields.

Plane Crash

25/01/1946, Mosquito VI, TA502, 13OTU. Hit high ground near Shildon, Co. Durham while flying through cloud. I found this info while looking for something else on the net, hope it helps.

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