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Memories of Somerton

Somerton memories
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Church Farm

Spent many happy hours riding motorbikes around the meadows at Church Farm with the family. Lived at Hawkedon at the time..

Church Farm

My parents bought Church Farm in 1957 and Robert Pearson farmed here till he died in 1997. The ideal environment for my children Mark and Sarah to be brought up in. Animals and fresh air so sadly missed by youngsters nowadays.

Suffolk memories

Bacon Family

My family lived in Hawkedon from about the mid-1880s and came from Kirtling, Cambs.  I know that they ran the Queen's Head and I think my grandmother helped to teach at the local school. My mother's family (Bacon) were all born at Langley Farm.   I don't think it is called that now and wonder if anyone has any memories of this family.  I did visit the house some years ago with a cousin and my mother, and the family were very kind and allowed us to look around, which gave my mother so much pleasure.  If the same family still live there I would like to thank them.  Sadly my mother passed away in 2000 at the age of 84 but I cannot forget the look on her face when she was invited into the house in which she was born!


Harvest Hill c1955, Hartest
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When I was a child I lived in foster care in Hartest and one of my fondest memories is of riding my bike down Harvest Hill. Many years have gone by since my carefree, days of feeling the joy of rideing that bike and the fun I had going down that hill. I now live in Biloxi, Missouri in the USA on the Gulf of Mexico.

School Days

Harvest Hill c1955, Hartest
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I am putting this on here to contact Carefree....did you go to Clare Secondary School and start in 1 Alpha? If so you sat next to me on your first day at school there!!!! If so I have thought of you no end of times over the years and wondered how you have got on. looks as if the answer may be 'very well'!!!!!

My Life in The Village

Harvest Hill c1955, Hartest
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My memory of Hartest, a place that is very dear to me, relates to the period between moving down from Somerton in 1945 and living there until I moved to Hadleigh in 1970 for my work. As an Evacuee, together with my brothers Malcolm and Laurence and my Cousins Betty and Jaqueline Wiles and our respective mothers, we were evacuated from London's East End in April 1941, having been bombed out in the Blitz. Our first year was spent at Moorhouse Farm in Boxted, then to a cottage at Somerton and eventually to Hartest in 1945. My mother started as the school cook and we used to eat in the Institute. Passesd my 11 Plus exam and went on to Sudbury Grammar School, (along with Tim Seabrook). Married and continued to live in Hartest from 1959 to 1970 when my work took me to Hadleigh. I have very fond memories of Hartest and all of the children that grew up together over the years immediately after the war. Great times, great friends and... Read more

Hartest Hill

Harvest Hill c1955, Hartest
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Sunday school adjacent to this house, Sunday afternoons

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