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Stanford Dingley

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Doing family history. Found out that The Boot Inn was run by my great grandfather from approx, 1865-1901. Am now trying to find out if there is a local newspaper that may have some more info re the Boot Inn during this period.

Berkshire memories

The Hiding Place

The Square And Old Elm Tree c1965, Yattendon
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When I was ten years old this old tree was a delight. Ancient and hollow inside, we children were able to crawl inside while mother did her shopping. We watched people pass on their way to and from the blacksmith, the grocer or the butcher, firmly believing they had no idea we were there.  If we were lucky we would have been bought an ice lolly or a sweet to eat in the tree.  It was often thought by visitors that it was an oak because of the eponymous pub in the Square.  It was, I think, an elm.
Now the tree is long gone, replaced by something small but with nice seats around on a paved area where villagers can rest in the shade.

The Well House

Old Cottages And Well, The Square c1965, Yattendon
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This was where everyone waited for the buses that took us east to Pangbourne and Reading or west to Newbury, our main shopping town.  Newbury had a thriving market twice a week and buses were frequent, eight per day.  
The Well House did indeed have a well beneath it and following a tragedy at the Royal Oak pub in which our next door neighbour was killed, the building was renovated.
Originally it was an open wooden structure supported on a low brick wall but after the deep well had been filled it had the sides bricked in.  Whilst this is less drafty when waiting for a bus it meant that we couldn't see it coming nor see who else was in The Square - important for villagers, who always want to know who is about.  It has recently (2006) been rebuilt following an accident but happily is basically unchanged.  
Just obscured by the Well House is the cottage we first lived in on arrival in the village in... Read more

The Royal Oak

The Royal Oak And Old Well c1965, Yattendon
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'The Oak' is the only pub and hotel in the village and in the fifties our next door neighbour was the cleaner there. She would cycle to the village from the farm on a heavy green bicycle in a slow and ponderous manner that has stayed with me to this day. I must have been about nine when the awful event happened that haunted me for years.  Police came to the village school one day to ask our neighbour's daughter where her mum was going that morning as she was not at work.  The doors in the porch of the pub had been sticking for some months and the cleaner had complained and asked for something to be done, to no avail.  While cleaning that day, the floor had opened up beneath her and she fell into a well that had been unused for decades and not properly capped.  Our friend was not found for several days.  She had died more or less instantly, crushed by falling cookers, fridges, masonry... Read more

Fear of Wells

The Royal Oak And Old Well c1965, Yattendon
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The well incident at yattendon scared my father. We had heard about it through relatives and we lived in east tytherley at the time. I remember my father spending a weekend tapping floors and trying to lift flag stones in our kitchen because he was convinced that there was a well under our home- there wasnt.

Great-Grandad Samuel George Marlow Lived at Bradfield

Great-Grandad Samuel George Marlow's family lived at Bradfield and he was born there in 1858. I think he may have been a twin. Sadly I have been unable to learn anything at all about him but I am looking forward to visitng Bradfield and walking around the same place he must have seen all those years ago.

A World Away

Frilsham House School c1960, Frilsham
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This was my school between 1962 and 1965. My memories are of separation from parents and friends, to live a regimented and mildly authoritarian regime at far too young an age. It wasn't awful ...but not nice either. The M4 runs through the playing fields where I suffered many a young humiliation. Thanks for sharing this picture all the same. Do parents still subject their children to this?

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