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Somerset memories

Wonderful Childhood

I spent a wonderful childhood in Norton Fitzwarren when it was a village from 1950 to 1958. I have priceless memories of roaming the fields, woodlands and surrounding countryside freely. Of sitting on top of Moses Park as we used to call it, and looking out over the countryside with hardly a building in sight and watching the smoke from the train in Wellington Station as it slowly crept through the valley towards Taunton. Wonderful memories of the village school Christmas show put on in the Village Club, of fetes held in the grounds of Montys Court, of the one man band before the game of football at Manor Farm. Another priceless memory of such simple pleasures being; the village children gathered in the cornfields to watch the Binder of the corn as the final cut was made and the fun and anticipation of not knowing how many rabbits would run out and the chase was on, such simple pleasures now lost forever in Norton Fitzwarren as the "Concrete Footprint"... Read more

Narrow Escape (probably Between 1958 And 1961)

Fore Street c1955, Taunton
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a few years after this photo was taken WH Smiths which was located to the bottom left of this photo completely collapsed following a prolonged spell of wet weather. This happened very early one saturday morning in the run up to christmas, prior to staff arriving for work. I don't think anyone was injured - a few hours later and the store would have been crowded with christmas shoppers!

East Reach, Taunton 1912

Fore Street c1955, Taunton
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I am trying to find any information regarding 47 East Reach, Taunton in the year 1912. A Mrs Greed ran a business there in 1906/07. Is there anyone who can tell what she did, or who was living there in that year. I know the hospital was at the back of 46 &47 of this street. My father was born at this address in May of that year, but his mother had come from Devon to give birth and was only staying there. I'm not even sure that she was related to the owners of that property. I would very much like to know why she came there instead of having the birth at home. Thank you for any information.

Searching For Pam Holloway

Fore Street c1955, Taunton
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I am searching for a Pam Holloway who lived in Southall Middlesex (London) around 1950, I attended school with her at Dormers Wells School. We went to Switzerland on a school trip around 1950. Pam had a sister, I think her name was Jean, and she lived in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. My family immigrated to Massachusetts USA in 1953, and I now live in Ohio USA. Is someone out there that may know Pam?...I would love to get in touch with her and reminisce about old times. June Manson (Rowlands)

Memory of West Monkton

Fore Street c1955, Taunton
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My parents and brother were evacuated to Cullumpton and I was born in Tiverton Hospital in January 1941. We moved to West Monkton where my father managed the garage, my mother worked the petrol pumps and we all lived in the house at the back. The site is now owned by Bigwood & Partners, the pumps have gone but the house still remains. We were back in London by 1944 , so I have no real memory of this, but my mother talked about it often and I have photos of my brother and I at Burnham-on-Sea.

Army Barracks Overlooking Vivary Park.

I lived in the Army Barracks [Jelelahbad] from around 1960-61 and went to Mary Magdalene School which is now closed and used as an auctions room. One teacher I recall was a Mr Oak and pupils were Margaret Harvey, John & Jane Scott, Paul Hacker, and Marilyne Littlejohn. We spent a lot of time playing in Vivary Park and bought our sweets from Jarvis Sweet shop across the road from the iron gates last I heard it was turned into a Tatoo Shop in the 1980/90s. Tutor Tavern back then was run by Mr & Mrs Hacker who had sons called Paul and Clifford we often played in the tavern in the cellar area it was very spooky. My father was stationed at nearby Norton Manor Camp and mother worked at Woolworths.

Lost Friends

My memories of Taunton don't go back too far. I'd arrived one summer evening in 1970 on the back of Tony's chopper, and stayed with friends for a while at 5 Cannon Street. Amongst the friends I eventually made were: The Colonel, Jake and Ricky, Busking Battersea Bill Smith, Colena, Angie, Ally, Sharon, Big John the name but a few. Those were really carefree days. Mornings we'd usually meet up in the Merlin for a coffee, then maybe nip across the road into the park, play some music or whatever... In the evenings I remember we'd either nip down a tiny passage way into a great little pub The Full Moon, with its lethal scrumpy on tap, or to that other great pub The Mirtle Tree, selling the same elixir. I have very fond memories of my short stay in the Taunton area, and I've certainly made-up for my bout of inactivity ever since. After that epic Glastonbury festival of 1971 that most of us went to, all those friends just... Read more

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