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The Sands

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Surrey memories

The Abbey Moor Park & The Ghost of Jonathan Swift.

I went to Farnham art school in 1968-1971, and at that time, Moor Park was used as a conference centre, available for hire, and inclusive of staff and an elderly chaplain called Dr Bird.  As you know, Moor Park was the first place Jonathan Swift worked at when he arrived in England, and he was secretary to Sir William Temple.  We had a conference there over a period of days, and - as we were warned - something strange always happened at these events.  Our one involved a sort of mass-hysteria which was amusingly disruptive.  We all blamed Dean Swift for these events afterwards.

The whole area encompassing Waverley Abbey, Stella's Cottage, Mother Ludlam's Hole, Father Foote's Hole and Moor Park is extraordinary, and I have written a fictional book (  It is (imaginatively) titled 'Waverley Abbey' by Thomas J Stephenson. I have had some communication from the nice people who run the Constance Spry centre at Moor Park, and they seem to have been good custodians of the... Read more

Toddlers's Times

In 1944, I was evacuated to Badshot Lea, with my mum. My dad, as a plumber & vital to the war effort, was in Liverpool & not in Europe or elsewhere in the Theatre of war. I can remember as a 4 year old, standing, I think, in a southerly direction towards a field in front of me & hills in the distance. I remember seeing a fighter plane crash on the hillside some 1-3 miles. Approx 10 years ago, I was in the area & so I thought I might look at where we stayed. My mum was still alive then & she gave me the name of the road, but I can't remember it now. The land that was fields had now been built upon. We actually came from Bermondsay in South London, but Mum opened a post office account at Badshot Lea. I still have that post book. Somewhere I have a photo & me playing with a little girl in a park, I think near Farnham.... Read more

Summer Swims

The River c1955, Tilford
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Both as a child and with my own children a lovely place to paddle and have lunch

Happy Days at Sheephatch Camp School

The River c1955, Tilford
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I spent some happy times whilst a boarder at Sheephatch Camp School, Tilford. I was staying there in the very bad winter of 1947 when we were snowed in for several weeks. Had long walks in the snow to Crooksbury Hill, Frensham Ponds and the surrounding countryside. We were all non-the-worse for our experiences. Certainly didn't have the warm padded clothing of today but kept warm by the walking we did. Anyone else out there remember Sheephatch in the 'old' days?

Good-Bye to Tilford

My mom and dad and sister lived in Tilford until 1954 when we immigrated to Canada, as my dad rejoined the army so we left to join him in Ottawa, Canada. We left my Nan and Gramps and uncle and aunt and many cousins and so many little friends that I had made. But 60 years later I have returned to see the same neighbour on one side and my dad's local still standing, looking wonderful, and the old bridge I used to cross everyday to go to school - and yes the same blue cardigans worn when I was 4 and 5 years of age. I visited the green, my old house and saw the old out houses still standing at my school. I was chosen to give the purse to the Dutchess of Gloucester when I was 4 years old, just months before we went to Canada. I remember it vividly, so many children with their parents. It was an honour I still speak of.... Read more

Hawkins Family Roots in Tilford

In 1920 the Hawkins family came to Canada. My grandfather was Edward Hawkins, known in the family as Ted. He had been the head gardener at the Whitmead estate. He and my grandmother Clarissa, had 5 children. Robert Montague, who served as signaler in the great war in Salonika, Helen (also known as Nellie) who became my mother, Arthur, Nora, and the youngest Ada. Although I have travelled in England I have never visited Surrey. For your information I am now 76 years old I live in London Ontario, a city of 350,000. I would be delighted to make contact with anyone from Tilford. I have family mementos that I would be interested in sharing with you. There are a few photos of both Tilford and Farnham that are part of the family album. If anyone cares to write, my email is:

1961 (ish) Bridge Stores

We lived at Bridge Stores for several years during which time I went to the Infants and Primary School before going across the border to Heron Wood School. I remember playing in the Rec and making dens in the wooded area at the top. Each autumn we would dice with death by throwing sticks at the conker trees that were on the other side of the road by the BT depot. Dashing across the road to pick up any conkers that fell before a car came over the bridge and squashed them. Yes, there was a bridge in those days over the old railway embankment with the old platform below. Other memories include the hop fields, playing war games on the old railway, looking for newts in the pond. I had my first Saturday job at the age of 13 in the Tyre Shop next door; worked in the cafe on The Hogs Back washing dishes and peeling potatoes. Scrumping in the local orchard at the top of the Cardinals and... Read more

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