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Alexandrina Ogilvie

I left Scotland heading to Australia on the SS Ormonde. My dad Frank, worked in the railways in Thornton. I can remember the smell of the steam engines which I still love. I did go back a few years ago to try and find family I only had a few days. I was looking for the Ogilvie side (my dad's family ) and the Allan side (my mum's side). I went through my old school in Thornton and it had not changed a bit. My old prefab in Beech Ave had been demolished which was sad. Lots of good childhood memories.

Thornton Junction

Is Thornton Junction still working? I lived in Methil in the 1940s and Methil had a busy station and I remember when we got to Thornton Junction we heard "All change Thornton Junction". I forget where we were going as I am in my 70's, it wasn't Edinburgh, I think that was change at Kirkcaldy.

Fife memories

Dysart Old Toll House And Harbour.

I have many great memories of Dysart with my Gran Jane (Jean Allan and John (Big Jock) Allan. Last address together was 13 The Braes Dysart. On the hill on the road to Meickles Coalmine.  We used to collect coal on the beach. Play on the beach and on the hills above the caves. "Sneak into the Man in the Rock", In these days could not go straight to it because of the coal mine. We had a miners' house  Anderson shelter in the garden.
There is so many memories about the harbour and Shore Road where my Great Granny Allan lived with all her sons.
Yes! My memories of Dysart are happy ones. Sadly all my family are gone, except my mother Catherine Allan who is very ill.  And the cousins left I do not know now as I live in Wiltshire.  But I do long for the day I can come back.

Birthplace And Never Forgotten When Asked

I was born in Dysart to a mining family of 5 brothers, me being in the middle. My mum watched over us all and used to take us walks by the man in the rock along to Wemyss and back via the castle estate. Sometimes we came back through the Boreland woods, stopping at the chipper at the old railway crossing. My dad and all my brothers worked in the Dubbiwe and were very proud of the fact. Our friend's dad drove the little train that delivered the coal from the pit to the yards. I can remember them building the railway bridge at Bellfield Crescent, during this time we had to get ushered across the railway lines to school. Bellfield Crescent itself was like a little mining village on its own. Nearly all the dads were in the pit. My mum and the other mums used to round up the kids and take us down Ravenscraig and back along the Sailors Walk and to the swing park at the... Read more

Dysart in The 60s

I was brought up in Dysart, first in Howard Place then the High Street, where my mum and dad still live. I remember all the shops that were there in the 1960s when I was a little girl, the little wool shop where you could buy odd buttons etc, the 2 storey Co-op, the drapers, the butchers, the shop on the corner where I remember buying confetti for going to my cousin's wedding - all sadly gone now. It's amazing that a place so small had so much in it. I remember the town clock, and how notices were pinned to the door where the bellringer went, telling the Dysartonians of births, weddings and deaths. I have so many happy memories of playing at the harbour and down at the 'Granny Rock', my mum always knew where she could find me. Happy days indeed.

Glenrothes And Area

Moved to Glenrothes as part of the overspill from Glasgow where we had bought room and kitchen 3 up, in 1963 for 285 pounds, paid back at 5 pounds every 2 weeks. We moved to a HOUSE with a back and front garden, what a luxury, and a back and front door. I started work in the Leslie paper mills, then I took a job driving with Muir of Kirkcaldy, Cook of Leven (Readymix), Fifeshire Posting of Kirkcaldy, Percy Lane (windows) of Glenrothes and on to J & E Transport of Dundee. I was a scouter with the Leslie Scout Troop with Jim Wilson who was a policeman in Leslie, 1970 to 1974. Moved to South Africa on contract in 1974 and stayed. I will put more on Memories next month.

Family History

Hi, my father came from Dysart, he was born in Mid Quality Street in 1925. He came out to New Zealand in 1953. His name was Alexander Hutchison Marr. He had two sisters and brothers, John, George, Maggie, Sarah. His parents' names were Alexander and Christina. I am looking for any information. If you can help, please contact me at: I am looking forward to hearing from anyone about my family. Kind regards, Isabella Marr.

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