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Seamans Hospital

I was just boy at the age of 6 when I was admitted to Tilbury Seaman's Hospital to have my tonsils taken out. I can remember seeing the big funnels of the ships through my ward window at the end. The wards were long, big and white with high ceilings, I remember being very sad when my mum and dad had to leave me, until the next day. I also can remember the ship's bell and pictures of many ships around the place. I was born in Vange in 1960 the 14th April, my mum died in 2010 and our house was sold. I still live in the area of Noak Bridge - a Basildon boy through and through.


The Anchor From Civic Centre c1960, Tilbury
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I have a photo of my dad with a group of men waiting to go on a beano

Merchant Navy Days

Ferry c1960, Tilbury
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What a wonderful memory, going from Tilbury to Gravesend when I was on P&O 'Iberia' as a BRS, which was in the 1960s.

Embarrassing Memory

Civic Square c1960, Tilbury
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I remember walking through the square one day getting mum some shopping and I had a kilt on (God knows why) and it fell down to my feet! I have never pulled my skirt up so fast! I just hope everyone who saw it has a bad memory like me now ...


The Anchor From Civic Centre c1960, Tilbury
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For some reason I remember walking by there when I was a kid and thinking how cool everyone looked sitting there drinking their beer....and I can still smell the beer as you walked past.  I am 55 yrs old now and I still have that memory...

The Anchor Pub

The Anchor From Civic Centre c1960, Tilbury
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I can remember taking the Lemonade bottles back to the little off licence part and getting the money back. I was probably about 9.

George Jackson, The Florist.

My Grandad was George (scissors) Jackson. He was a very well known and respected member of the Tilbury community. He ran his florist business from home in Auckland Close, serving many Tilbury families with cheap bouquets, funeral wreaths etc. I remember going to Covent Garden, London on the first morning train out of Tilbury with my nan, Rene, to buy flowers and calling into 'Elvins' shop in Dock Rd on the way back for a few rashers of bacon for my grandad's breakfast! On a Saturday night, when all Grandad's work was put away for the weekend, my nan and me would take bottles back to the 'Diamond Jubilee' off licence on the corner of Montreal Rd. Nan would get a bottle of beer for grandad, a cherry B or a babycham for herself and a bottle of pop and a chocolate bar for me!!! My grandad died in 1979. On the day of his funeral, the flag outside the 'Tute' working mans club (where he... Read more

The Seamans' Hospital at Tilbury

I was a trainee nurse at the Tilbury and Orsett hospitals from 1962-1968. A lot of the parties I heard of were either for the Medical staff or invites from the ships senior mess. I remember keeping a window open in the nurses home for those girls who were invited. The doors of the hospital were right next to the gates of the Dock and we often saw the immigration ships loading passengers for Australia and New Zealand. At the time I worked there, it was a surgical unit and our surgeons were from the London Hospital. The ships bell from the destroyer HMS Essex hung in the corridor - I often wonder what happened to the bell when they pulled down the hospital. The wards all had tiled walls with plaques showing which ship had donated the money for that bed, this would also be interesting to know if there is any record of these ships. I would like to hear from any other old staff and also any... Read more

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