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This Was Our Main Shopping Centre in The 1950's

The Broadway c1965, Tolworth
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I have vivid memories of Tolworth Broadway. As a child I was born in Tolworth (strictly Kingston Hospital in April 1948 just for my birth that is). Mum, my sister and I would go to the Broadway Co-op to shop and Woolworths and other shops. I used to play in the 'allotment' that now has Tolworth towers standing on it and climbed the lovely trees around it and played in the caravan sales site behind the Tolworth Odeon where my brother was a manager for a time. A fairly happy childhood in Tolworth. Sadly we left Tolworth before Tolworth Towers had been built but my mum went back and with a neighbour was invited to view the 'skyscraper' which everyone thought was ugly and horrid then. We left to move to Margate, where I still live at the moment, around 1960. I went back to finish school at the at Clark's College in Claremont Road, Surbiton before finally settling in Margate (1963) although... Read more

Searching For Relatives of Mr Leonard Underwood - 1967

The Toby Jug c1965, Tolworth
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My father, Leonard Benjamin Underwood, worked at the Toby Jug in the mid 1960s, and unfortunately passed away there in August 1967. He was married, but I only know the initials of his wife's first names - BM. If anyone knows who BM is, or any of her children, please email me : Many thanks.

The Toby Jug - Where is Mr Seaton Now?

The Toby Jug c1965, Tolworth
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In the 1950's and early 60's, a Mr Seaton was the manager of The Toby Jug. I would like to trace him or his descendants in the hope of obtaining some information on a Maestrovox Electronic Organ which used to be attached to the piano in the pub dining room and dance hall for the official Maestrovox website that I run. I can be contacted at or via the website

I would also be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers this unusual organ attached to the piano or has any pictures of it that we could see.


Southwood Drive

I arrived in Tolworth at the age of 5. Went to Sheephouse Lane School, later to Tolworth Central School (Boys). In 1940 I was standing outside 84 Southwood Drive when an unexploded bomb went off behind 73. The blast blew the front windows of 84 out. My Mother fainted. I was only aware of the noise and wondered what all the fuss was about. My close friends were Peter Emms, Pauline Skelton, Rita Tompkins, Shirley Lamb and Tony Brown. Tony was killed in a road accident in 1949. Peter married Pauline. I left Tolworth in 1949. Other names I recall are John Mules, Norman Stacey, Michael Couch. Judy Geeson. Phylis Balls. Joan Yoxall.

Looking For Information About Frederick or George Streatfield, Tolworth Local in The 1930s

If you think you might have any information about a man named either Frederick or George Streatfield in the town during the 1930's, please get in touch. We think he is the answer to an unnamed photograph in our family tree research! (I couldn't work out how to upload the photo, but please do get in touch if you think you might know him, and I'll try and get it to you!) Thank you

Greater London memories

Surbiton Lagoon

Swimming Pool c1955, Surbiton
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I just loved Surbiton Lagoon. Me and my twin sister lived in Alexandra Drive, just around the corner and we were good friends with the manager's son Vaughan Hancock. In the scorching hot summer of 1976 we were 14. My mum worked at the Lagoon so we got in free. We spent all the summer holidays there and 'bagged' our sun bathing spot on the stairs at the 5ft marker. This is because me, my twin (Nicola) and our girlfriends were all in love with the hunky life guard called Paul who sat in the high seat there. To this day I can recall assistant manager, Alan Ridley (who incidently became a teacher at Tolworth Girls) shouting 'Get out of the cascade!' over the public address system. We were also in a sit com which was filmed there. It was called 'The Secret Life of Edgar Briggs' starring David Jason! John Pertwee, aka Dr Who, attended at an RNLI fundraiser . He arrived in a flourish in... Read more

Grandmother's Flat Above The Shops

Claremont Road c1955, Surbiton
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My family's house, just off the Kingston Bypass (now known as the A3) in Tolworth, was damaged as the result of enemy action in September 1940 and my parents and I stayed for a while with my grandmother in Surbiton. Her flat was on the first floor at the far corner above the shops on the left of the photo, just before the Odeon Cinema which lay slightly back from the building line. One of my enduring childhood memories is of kneeling at the window of her sitting room and watching the trolleybuses attempt to turn the very sharp corner from St Mark's Hill into Claremont Road without their two poles leaving the overhead electified wires. The crossover points of these wires (which allowed some trolleys to turn into and out of Victoria Road as well - presumably the main cause of this problem) can be seen clearly in this photo. After a shower of sparks and two wildly bouncing poles, the trolleybus would grind to a halt and hold... Read more

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