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Tongue End

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Brought up in Tongue End

I, like my brothers, sisters and father went to the primary school in Tongue End, at the time I started Mrs Vantol was Headmistess but was later replaced by Mr and Mrs Gore, the school had around 30 children. Meals were brought by car to the school from Deeping St Nicolas everyday and served by Mrs Hall and her mother, Mrs Biggs, in the small hall/dining room. My Mother Jean Baker was employed to look after the children during their dinner dreak.
The school, at the time I started, was in the process of being extended, although the new infant classroom had been completed the new inside toilets were still being built so the only working toilets were outside, these were pulled down within a year.
During the warmer months after dinner the children played on the playing field at the side of the school.
Once the school closed things were never the same in the village it wasn't long before the village hall went and then the... Read more

Lincolnshire memories

The Days Seem to go on Forever

I was brought up in Pode Hole from 1967, my mother Joan is still alive but now living in Spalding, sadly my Dad Ken died in the Fishermans Arms pub on Sept 23 1977. I have a brother Nigel and a sister Susan. We lived at 8, Council House, North Drove. I went to the village school, St Matthews Junior School, and we had to use the Bromley Hall as a classroom, Mrs Cooling was our teacher and the Headmaster was firstly Mr Mills and then later on Eric Long. We had a good upbringing even though times were hard and Mum and Dad didn't have a lot, but they made sure we were fed well and clean. I can remember the school holidays when we used to go fishing in Goldsmiths Pit which is now Lake Ross and playing football on the village playing fields, sometimes leaving the house at 9 in the morning and not going home until dinner time and then straight back out again and then... Read more


In 1948 or thereabouts my mother went into hospital and I came to Bourne and attended the Primary School. We had a rhyme: "please Miss Fenney can you spare a penny to buy Miss Vickers a new pair of nickers" Mss Dent was the Head, and every school day began with "Good morning Miss Dent, good morning teachers". A railway line ran outside the classroom and every time a train went by I wondered if my Dad was the Driver. I remember Birchnalls taxi and the Delaine buses, and the Saturday football match and visits to the pictures. Shane was showing and it was a classic. Every morning I woke up to the sound of Wherrys peas being processed and that is where my aunt worked. My cousin Anne had tons of comics and I read them all during my stay. My uncle bought a small car which I was keen to ride in but it arrived without windows. After Bourne I moved on to another Aunt at Swinstead and... Read more

Bourne County Primary School

I also attended the primary school at Bourne from 1955 to 1963 before moving to Heckington in 1964. I remember mostly with fondness, my time at the school, especially my time in Mr. Lamberts class 3 as it was when I attended. I ssed to love his story reading as he would stand at a lectern which was to the left of his desk. When he read from Dickens's 'A Christmas Carol' he would come charging down the aisles between the desks shouting 'Bah Humbug' at the approriate points in the story - brilliant. There were four houses in our school which we all wore the colour - Robin (red) Linnet (green) Canary (yellow) and Kingfisher (blue). I was in Robin and we were given housepoints for good work etc. Every Friday assembly the totals were read out for the previous week and the matching shields with the birds painting on them would be moved into the right place. Don't get me started on country dancing which we had on a... Read more


I'm researching my dad's family.... the New Bolsover Colliery opening 1898 where my grandad Walter Lunn moved from Bourne to Bolsover.. and I have been led to Cawthorne as his father James Lunn was born in 1807...Well that was a tiny hamlet in those days .....few families living and working the land for land owners... Can anyone here help me discover more? Walter James Thomas John are all names that have come up but only census go back so far....James is who I'm looking for at the moment, Cawtghorpe 1807. Thank you, Christine Lunn

Good Times

Mill House c1955, Market Deeping
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I can remember fishing this bit of the Welland many times, but not as early as this photo was taken, we (being myself and my brothers) were allowed to fish it when Mrs Mitchell was then the owner. It was an unbelieveable treat as the river then was full of really big chub and no one was allowed in there. My dad Jack used to be painter and job man for Mrs Mitchell, I'm not sure when he started working for the Mitchells but it was definately in the early 1960s. Mrs Mitchell moved out of the house and had another property built for her where she stayed for a few years, I think she missed the river and the property being on its own so she purchased the next mill further up stream, Vangeest Mill as it was to us. After a few years again Mrs Mitchell decided this mill was also too big for her so it was her that had the property devided into two which it... Read more

The Waterton Arms

Church Street c1965, Deeping St James
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The Waterton Arms, in Church Street, used to be owned and run by Mary Elizabeth Mulligan. Her grandson Andrew Robert owned the house next door and the Pharmacy attached.

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