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The Railway at Trentham c1959

Toy Railway c1955, Trentham
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I remember travelling many times on this train; the two engines were called Golspie and Dunrobin - areas in Sutherland. I believe their ancestral Home was Dunrobin Castle at Golspie, hence the names for these engines. I remember at the far end of the lake having to get off and reverse the seats for the return journey, while the engine changed ends. I often wonder what happened to the two engines when the track was destroyed - does anyone know? There was a point on the return journey where the two trains passed and quite often one train would have to wait for the other as it was a single track - many fond memories of this journey

Staircase Near to Playground

The Childrens Corner c1955, Trentham
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I can remember next to one of the swings shown close to the lake in this picture, was a flight of steps which was fenced off and at the bottom was a door. Does anyone know what this was - was it just a storeroom - or as I was once told - a passage way leading underground to the still remaining entrance of the demolished hall via the bank on the left of the Italian gardens? There was supposed to be a corresponding tunnel under the Rose pergola from the demolished hall to a boathouse on the lake - which can still be seen when you are on the lake!

Inside The Collonade And The Amusement Arcade

The Gardens c1955, Trentham
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I can remember this colonnade with a huge statue of one of the Dukes of Sutherland at one end, and by which doors led in the late 50's early 60's into an amusement arcade with flip ball machines, pinball machines etc...a great place if it was wet or cold to spend an hour or two.

Trentham Railway

Toy Railway c1955, Trentham
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In the 1960's I was a ticket conductor on this train. Jack Goldstone was the driver and we took people from the gardens to the pool. Today there's no way I would be allowed to work on the railway because of health and safety concerns. We had to stand on a running board by the side of the carriages hang on with one hand and take money and issue tickets with the other while the train reached speeds of 20 - 30mph. Some times conductors fell off and Jack had to stop while we picked all the money that had been scattered over the tracks and by the lake. Luckilly no one was seriously hurt!

Happy Days

Toy Railway c1955, Trentham
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Memories of using the miniature railway to get to the open air swimming pool. Summer holidays were spent with either my brothers or my friends, exploring Trentham Gardens and Park, and swimming in the open air swimming pool. Little did we know how lucky we were to live so near to Trentham Gardens that we could use it as our playground. You could only get to the swimming pool either by foot or by this railway, which took you from nearby the lake to the gates of the swimming pool. The railway ran alongside the lake, through woodland. Amazing memories.

Memories of Hot Summer Days

Park Swimming Pool c1955, Trentham
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My friends and I used to swim in this pool in the summer holidays. My friend's mum used to work for Trentham Gardens and so we used to have free access to the gardens in the summer school holidays. We used to take the miniature train from the lake to the pool and spend all day there. We bought ice creams from the shops above the pool. Looking back I can see that the pool is art deco in style, but when I was young I didn't consider the architecture, I just enjoyed playing in the pool. Oh, happy days!

Staffordshire memories

Good Times

We came down from Scotland to Stoke in 1953 as my dad had got a job in the newly opened Pit Hem Heath. As children we used to stay at the house which is sitting in front of the pit . We used to go across the brook on the pipe what ran from one side to the other so we could buy sweets from the pit canteen and wave to the miners, many of who we knew as dads friends and workmates, then back across the pipe to play in the fields all round the house which is still there. Sadly the pit no longer stands but we had some really good times. In case anybody reads this and worked with my dad, his name was Bill Watson. I would love to know if anyone remembers any thing I have wrote about.

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