Photo of Bedford, The Picturedrome 1921

Bedford, The Picturedrome 1921

Neg. 70435X

Memories of Bedford

The Bridge!

So long ago! I remember looking at it when passing by car on our way to seeing friends in Bedford.

Happy Childhood Memories.

HAPPY CHILDHOOD MEMORIES. In the summer of 1952 (I was 7 years old) my grandmother took me on a 'Farm Holiday' in Bedford to stay with friends. At this time I lived as a ...Read full memory

A memory of Bedford by David Armstrong

Working Memories.

I was the main weekday driver of the launch photographed during the student holiday periods of 1955-1958.  When I drove it, the name was 'Silver Stream'.  It was the ...Read full memory

A memory of Bedford by Claire Allen

I Was A Projectionist At The Picturedrome

I worked there for a few years with Stan Hunt at the Picturedrome, and the Plaza which was nearly opposite across the river was owned by a man called Mr ...Read full memory

A memory of Bedford by Eric Bootles

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