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Bradford, War Memorial 1923

Photo of Bradford, War Memorial 1923

Bradford, War Memorial 1923

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Memories of Bradford

Brantwood Oval

I was born 1966 and grew up on an estate (cant remember the name) and lived in Brantwood Oval, just off Haworth Road. My dad's family all lived close by. I remember picking bluebells ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradford by Louise Moore

Carter''S Cafe

I am glad Mr Johnson has happy memories of Carter's Cafe. My father and mother, ran this for many years and I remember Mrs Johnson well. My father, and three more Carter generations ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradford by Alan Carter

Santa Busby Claus

My dad, Teddy Burke, was Santa Claus at Busby's on Manningham Lane. He was certainly popular, since in the 1950s and 1960s the crowds lined the streets when he was due to arrive ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradford by Edmund Burke

Working In Piccadilly

In 1944 I worked at 36 Piccadilly, an electrical wholesalers (next door to the invisible menders). My duties were to deliver accessories to the electrical shops round town. ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradford by Eric Brook

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