Photo of Bradford, War Memorial 1923

Bradford, War Memorial 1923

Neg. 74404

Memories of Bradford

Roxy Theatre

I remember the Roxy Theatre well. I grew up in Mapperton Road just up from the Roxy. I attended Barkerend School leaving in 1959. We also used to let our mates in through the back door ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradford by Arthur Haigh

Brantwood Oval

I was born 1966 and grew up on an estate (cant remember the name) and lived in Brantwood Oval, just off Haworth Road. My dad's family all lived close by. I remember picking bluebells ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradford by Louise Moore

Roxy Picture House

I too, have fond and happy memories of the Roxy. I was born just down the road in Garnet Street in 1938 and went to Barkerend School leaving in 1953. I remember on a Saturday ...Read full memory

Bradford Chellow Dene

I remember chellow dene fondly from walking with my mum and our dog Lassie. Yes, I remember the ice cream place and water fountain. It was a place we always went to and then, ...Read full memory

A memory of Bradford

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