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Drayton, Havant Road c.1955

Photo of Drayton, Havant Road c.1955

Drayton, Havant Road c.1955

Ref. D224003

Memories of Drayton

Young Bank Days

I worked in the National Provincial Bank which was in the parade of shops in DrYton from about 1960 to 1963 when I married I particularly remember Maureen Wood who ...Read full memory

A memory of Drayton by Pauline Ellis

The Drayton Institute Friday Night Hop.

Anyone remember the Friday night dance nights? Local Portsmouth groups use to strut their stuff in here. Always crowded and the music from ...Read full memory

A memory of Drayton by Melvyn Griffiths

Cafe Monica

The year that this photo was taken was 1951, when we opened the cafe. It was run by my father, Wally, and my mother Monica. My sister Marilyn served in the cafe later. Previously it was a china and glass shop and before that, during the war, an antique shop run by my mother.

A memory of Drayton by Terry Baker

Jr Robinson And Maison Drayton

The farthest shop on the left was owned by my grandparents and I lived there until I was 3 with my parents, Ivan and Betty Robinson. They sold prams ...Read full memory

A memory of Drayton by Lynne Wood

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