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Memories of Gilfach Goch

I Want My Child Hood Back

I was born at 28 Oak Street Garden City, in June 1947. My father was a miner in the Brit and in later years so was my brother Brian, my father was John David Evans but ...Read full memory

A memory of Gilfach Goch by Beverley Evans

Gilfach Goch

My grandfather Rev Williams was the vicar here in the 1920s and my father was born here at Glamorgan Terrace. Many years later my father Arthur Williams also became the vicar here ...Read full memory

A memory of Gilfach Goch by Kath Williams

The Pavillion The Welfare Park

The pavillion burned down some years ago, can't exactly remember when. I seem to recall it was vandalism.

A memory of Gilfach Goch by Kathy Priday

Dennis Walker

I was born in 7 Hill Street, Garden City in 1930. I attended Hendreforgan school from 1934-1944, as did my three sisters and three brothers. Mr.Lewis was the Headmaster. On ...Read full memory

A memory of Gilfach Goch by Maureen Doughty


This photograph shows the newly built council houses called Danybryn.  The houses were much sought after by the mining community as they had bathrooms.  My parents lived in ...Read full memory

A memory of Gilfach Goch by Joyce Jones


I don't know if this is any help but my dad Lewis Richards, also born in Gilfach, moved to Bedford about 72 years ago. His mum and dad were called William and May. He had loads of ...Read full memory

A memory of Gilfach Goch by Margaret Heald

James Victor Nash

Does anyone please have knowledge of the children of JAMES VICTOR NASH and his wife Ivy (she was Anglo Indian) who lived in GG in the mid 1900's. They had 5 (?) children and I ...Read full memory

A memory of Gilfach Goch by Jenny Vaughan

The Onion Man

I have just read a letter on this page and I couldn't believe it! My daughter has to dress as a European and as we both love Paris she's going to wear a beret and a striped ...Read full memory

A memory of Gilfach Goch by Fiona Whitfield

Ida Brandon

After a trip to Gilfach Goch in July 1999 I started researching my family tree. I live in Cape Town South Africa and my mother was Ida Brandon, born 2nd February 1919. Her ...Read full memory

A memory of Gilfach Goch by Frances Charles

Gilfach Was My Mothers Home

My mother was Doreen Hardwidge and she had a brother Dilwyn ( who is still alive and lives in Cleethorpes) and a sister Hilda (who died many years ago). Her parents ...Read full memory

A memory of Gilfach Goch by Patrice Baldwin

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