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Grassington, Netherside Hall 1940

Photo of Grassington, Netherside Hall 1940

Grassington, Netherside Hall 1940

Ref. 89061

Memories of Grassington

Congregational Church, Grassington.

My Gradfather, the Reverend Thomas Arthur Bairstow was the minister of this church from 1943-47. Leading off one corner of the market square is the grey stone ...Read full memory

Family Connections.

The mill in the photograph is Low Mill at Grassington. My ancestor William Irving lived here with his family before 1820 until his death in 1843 aged 84. He was a ...Read full memory

Happy Days

My Memories of Netherside Hall Grassington 1965 to 1967, Hello there, my name is Gareth Helliwell, I was at Netherside Hall from 1965 to 1967. They were great days. Mr Anderton was ...Read full memory

Linton Camp

Hi I was at Linton Camp, 1960 to 64, and recall playing foortball at Netherside Hall, I particularly recall getting bathed after the match, in a proper bath, we thought that a bit ...Read full memory

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