Photo of Grassington, Netherside Hall 1940

Grassington, Netherside Hall 1940

Neg. 89061

Memories of Grassington

Netherside Hall Grassington

Dear Members Gareth Helliwell here from Batley in West Yorkshire. Apologies all round from the last item printed on Netherside Hall. My E.Mail address now is ...Read full memory

A memory of Grassington

My Days At Nethersidehall

I went to Netherside between 1965-1968 and remember raiding the kitchen very well, I was sacked from being the first team footy captain and stopped from being head boy, ...Read full memory

A memory of Grassington by Peter Hurst

Congregational Church, Grassington.

My Gradfather, the Reverend Thomas Arthur Bairstow was the minister of this church from 1943-47. Leading off one corner of the market square is the grey stone ...Read full memory

Winter At The Hall

As a boy I remember the big open fireplace in the main hall, and the times the large glass sheet above the fireplace falling down - this was to be a yearly thing if I recall ...Read full memory

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