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Guildford, St Catherine's Chapel 1895

Photo of Guildford, St Catherine's Chapel 1895

Guildford, St Catherine's Chapel 1895

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Memories of Guildford

Change Of Name

Now known at St Lukes hospital, I worked there from 1965-1977. It has seen many changes.

A memory of Guildford

Merrow Street School In The 1950

Does anyone remember my mum who worked at Merrow Street School in the 1950 when she was school secretary, Mrs Smith?

A memory of Guildford

Pilgrims Wood Childrens Home

Around the late 50's/early 60's I was at Pilgrims Wood with my two sisters, Patricia and Mary. It is and will always be a lasting memory of both our arrival and our ...Read full memory

A memory of Guildford

Tree Tops

I think that the "Tree Tops" kennels may now be on this site and that is where we brought our black lab "shep" from

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