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Halifax, Town Hall 1893

Photo of Halifax, Town Hall 1893

Halifax, Town Hall 1893

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Memories of Halifax

Wish I Could Remember More.

I too remember the bowling alley, and the Odeon cinema, the bus station, and the drip teacakes, and cups of hot tea,

A memory of Halifax by Lynda Josefski

The Picture Theatre Halifax Sorry Cant Remember The Name

My eldest sister Lynne and I used to attend the sixpenny matinee. Before joining the queue outside we would walk down to Woolworths and get ...Read full memory

A memory of Halifax by Kathryn Snape

Halifax Borough Market

When I was a small child in the 1950's my father had a toy stall in Halifax Borough Market. It was a wondrous place for a child in those days, a family, a community, with all ...Read full memory

A memory of Halifax by Sue Walker

Walking Past The Bowling Alley

I remember walking past the bowling alley and the sound of Pet Clarks "Downtown" coming from somewhere, I am almost certain it was from the Alley. We were on our way ...Read full memory

A memory of Halifax by Steven Boocock

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