Photo of Hindhead, Woodcock Inn 1922

Hindhead, Woodcock Inn 1922

Neg. 71770

Memories of Hindhead

I Remember A Different Building

The building I remember, was an 'H' with a left and right small corridor on both floors, joining the H. Looking back across a lovely rose garden, each leg of the H a semi circular lead light front.

The Undershaw Hotel

I remember having a very nice meal in the Undershaw sometime in the 1990's - it's a shame that it closed down around 2004. The house was built for Conan Doyle in 1897 and this ...Read full memory

A memory of Hindhead by A Barbar

East London School Trips.

My memory of Marchants Hill is in 1958, when I was about 5 yrears old. My dad was a teacher in East London, and he and other teachers would take kids form London to stay ...Read full memory

A memory of Hindhead by Helen Barnett

9 Months Of My Life Spent Here

I was a boy sargeant soldier at Arborfield AAS when I came down with a serious illness and rushed into Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot and when I defied the ...Read full memory

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