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Kidderminster, Blackwell Street c.1967

Photo of Kidderminster, Blackwell Street c.1967

Kidderminster, Blackwell Street c.1967

Ref. K16108

Memories of Kidderminster

Being A Nuisance In The Tower

Aged about 12, I remember once creeping up the spiral staircase in the tower and banging on the door of the 6th form common room, just to annoy the prefects, then ...Read full memory

Walking Home In The Dark

Before we were married my then fiance used to live on the Birmingham road and this scene was on my route home often around midnight. Then it was in the process of ...Read full memory

Early '50s

Lived Wolverley - Just a few items on Kiddr from dim recall -town cinema - a screening of a western, Jeff Chandler as Indian warrior - Cochise? -a bigtop circus - Billy Smart or ...Read full memory

Kidder Times And Shuffle

The old Comberton Hotel is only just visible at the margin right; owned by Len Grove who turned it into flats and opened a betting office on the ground floor and was a ...Read full memory

A memory of Kidderminster

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