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Rochford, Stambridge Mill c.1955

Photo of Rochford, Stambridge Mill c.1955

Rochford, Stambridge Mill c.1955

Ref. R226016

Memories of Rochford

Rochford Sports Festival

I did not live in Rochford, I lived in Hawkwell as a child/ teenager, but went to school there, first going to Rochford Primary then King Edmunds. One of my best friends ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochford by Christine Willis

Growing Up

My family moved to Assandune Villas in Ashingdon in 1955, I was four years old and lived there until I was eighteen. From the back of our house was nothing but fields, (sadly now a huge ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochford by Don Pepper

Mill Lane

We lived at number 11 Mill Lane and later moved to number 7. My late father, Joe Clarke was the chemist at the Mill. I remember my early childhood lived in Rochford so very fondly. We ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochford by Nicola Scott

Home Away From Home

I was a young adult when I arrived in Rochford on a Sunday afternoon in June 1978, to take up my position as student nurse at Rochford Hospital. I was from Cape Town in South ...Read full memory

A memory of Rochford by Clarissa Aitken Kiwara

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About this photo

The Mill stood to the south of Rochford on the tidal estuary of the River Roach. Many mills existed along the tidal arms of the sea fingering into Essex which provided easy transport by water. It was originally a water mill, and was owned by Rankins the Millers when it burned down in April 1965.