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Memories of Talacre

Growing Up In Talacre

Myself and my sister have written a book called Sisters growing up in Talacre - our parents moved there in the 1930's from Liverpool. Our parents owned the old amusement ...Read full memory

A memory of Talacre by Cynthia Craig

My Childhood In Talacre

I spent many happy holidays in the Warren during the late 1940s early 50s, with my parents and grandparents, Amy and Arthur (Abby) Bell who owned a wooden bungalow, 58B Tyn ...Read full memory

A memory of Talacre by Chris Bell


Wow Lorraine! I can't believe I have come across this site. I think it is your grandad 'tide' who I remember, as well as yourself and your mum. I hope you see this, it would be good to be in ...Read full memory

A memory of Talacre by Jan Davis

Happy Times Then And Now

We had a caravan at Talacre in the late 70's until 1982 when I was 5. I have some vague memories of the sand dunes and the site (now Talacre Beach). Myself and my sister and ...Read full memory

A memory of Talacre by Amanda Bowen

Living In A Bus At Talacre In The 1960s

I have very distinct memories of living, as a young child, in one of two single decker buses near the beach at Talacre. I recall tall beds and paraffin lamps ...Read full memory

A memory of Talacre by David Richards

The Dunes

I get up talacre every weekend I can,i just love the place,finding spent ammo is always a bonus

A memory of Talacre by Paul Roberts

Early Days

My parents moved to the 'hidden valley' as it was called in 1945 when I was two years old, we lived in an old coach that my father converted into a suitable place to live. We were the ...Read full memory

A memory of Talacre by Alfred Pearson

Little Village, Hidden Valley

My mum and her cousin have found memories of Talacre, summer 1965. They remember a small village where little people lived called the Hidden valley. All the houses were ...Read full memory

A memory of Talacre by Layla Abdoh

Talacre During The War Years

The post from 2009 by (name unknown) reflects on my childhood spent in Talacre, because my father worked for Dora Williams as the baker. His bread and pies were awesome! ...Read full memory

A memory of Talacre by David Mills

Cottages On Warren

Many, many, happy memories of holidays in a cottage on the Warren located next door to old Tynans (sorry if not spelt right) bakery. Waking up to the smell of pies and bread, ...Read full memory

A memory of Talacre by Paul Clarke

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