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Memories of Thorne

Thorne Water Sports

One of the highlights of the year was the annual Thorne Water Sports held in the canal between Dunston's shipyard and the Canal Tavern. The event included swimming races and ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorne by Brian Bristow

Happy Days In Thorne Park

Happy days in the paddling pool and on the swings, the old parkie taking your name for riding your bike in the park, what did he do with all the names? Remembrance Day in ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorne by Nigel Shearman

The Annual Fair

The Annual Fair was always a time that the young people of Thorne waited for. Opposite the Red Bear, not far from Clarkes Pork Pie shop, there was situated a boxing booth and the young ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorne by Jim Rhodes

Thorne Memorial Park

One of the few places in wartime Thorne where fun could be had for the town's children was the park. There were only two 'rides' - the American Swing and the Roundabout. Both ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorne by Brian Bristow

Ancestors In Thorne

My origins are the Thorne Suttons and I have been creating a family tree but am now stuck at Elizabeth Raper(c1765) who married William Fenwick(c1765). My tree comprises 340 ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorne by John Wallace

The Fair

The fair arrived annually in June and was eagerly awaited. It was split between three sites in the town. The Market Square, then an open space with stalls only on market day, had as its main ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorne by Brian Bristow

Thorne People

I visited Thorne a few years ago to attend a 90th birthday party with the Scutt family and lots of other people. The hospitality of all of those people that I met was second to none. ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorne by John Wallace

A Time Warp That Is Thorne

Green Top School - Mrs Bell, headmistress and Mrs Downes (many a child was leathered by her) and I can still hear her screaming nearly 60 years on - bless her. Lessons out ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorne by David Walton

Anns Cafe

We used to hang around the street but mostly the cafe. There was Pete Lea, Jim Peason, Dennis Buckley and some stunning girls - Jannis, Orial and a few more whos names escape me. We sat ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorne by John Stubbs

Sailing On The Canal

Canal traffic changed over the years. I recall seeing horse drawn barges - now restricted to the narrow canals elsewhere - hence the towpath on the south bank. Then came powered ...Read full memory

A memory of Thorne by Brian Bristow

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