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Dad's Old Daimler

Village, Looking Towards Harrison Drive c1965, Wallasey
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We remember the excitement of seeing this postcard at Wallasey post office and realising that the black car was Dad's old Daimler. We could make out the number with a magnifying glass at the time. We recently returned from Scotland on a trip to revisit some old haunts and see how things had changed. Some were good and some were disappointing. These photos remind us of how things were when we grew up in Wallasey.

Summer in The Village

I remember summers in Wallasey Village being absolutely glorious as a kid. I used to live in Green Lane, and during the summer holidays,Ii and my friends worked on the market gardens, from early in the morning until mid afternoon, we would then race down to the sea front to the Derby Bathing Pool; either paying to get in with our hard earned, weed pulling cash, or sneak under the wire off the golf course. The water in the pool was always like ice until you got in and started swimming. My abiding memories of the Derby were the tar covered balconies that used to burn your feet, so hopping from one persons towel to another to get down to the pools edge, was often the only way. Then up onto the diving boards, where in your cut down jeans, covered in allsorts of patches of the day, we would line up on the boards and proceed to 'bomb' off them. The cut down jeans incidently were to protect the... Read more

Guinea Gap Baths

Me and my friend Marilyn, went to Primary school together in London. Her dad was the manager of our local swimming baths. I was devastated when he was offered promotion, it was at a pool in Wallasey, called Guinea Gap Baths. This was just the start of many happy holidays we spent in Wallasey, our parents were great friends and we came up every year for about twelve years. We got up early and went swimming, I think the coach's name was Tony, but he shouted too much so we stopped going to early morning swims. We always remember the milkman coming in the morning and shouting up "Morning Mrs Rushton" and the reply "Morning Mr Forshaw" - the sounds I remember so fondly. We used to go along to The New Brighton Pool to watch the Miss New Brighton beauty contests. We used to feel very important as Mr Rushton was also manager of this pool too. We used to get The Royal Iris across The Mersey to Liverpool... Read more

Betting And Going The Pub at 11 Years of Age ...They Where The Days

I can remember my nanna and grand dad (Charlie and Winnie Davies ) writing their bets out on a piece of paper and me running from Acacia Grove in Seacombe to Alf Spearings Bookies on Wheatland Lane to put them on for them. Alf used to pay me 2d when I walked his grey hounds on The Brokey. My Grand Dad Charlie, worked for Land and Marine Dredging Co. I used to wait on the step of no 10 Acacia Grove for him to come home from work and get money off him so I could go to the Great Float pub and get his bottles of Guiness from the hatch inside which was the offy. I had to stand on a crate so I could knock on the door, I was only 11. The money I got was quickly spent on the penny tray in Hienz's sweet shop on New Street - not Giles shop that was opposite (she shouted at us for playing football in the... Read more

Wallasey Village

Village, Looking Towards Harrison Drive c1965, Wallasey
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My dad owned the cycle shop in Wallasey Village, firstly at the Leasowe Road end then latterly Harrison Drive end, the name was Longworths. From 1961 we lived in St.Georges Road (when Piggy Lane was still in existence) I attended St. Georges Road School from circa 1948 and remember 'big' Miss Little and 'little' Miss Little, Mr Grey, Miss Merrick and Mr Sykes (headmaster). Miss Marsh was headteacher of the infants school. Does anyone else have any of these memories?

Children's Home in Curlew Way, Moreton

Village, Looking Towards Harrison Drive c1965, Wallasey
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I used to play with my best friend at the time who lived in the Children's Home in Curlew Way, Moreton. We had many a happy time at the home; her name was Sandra Satterthwaite and she was also with her sister Carol, and her older half sister Diane Walker. Sandra introduced me to Elvis, she was alway's singing 'I'm all shook up'. We were in Lingham Lane School where Sandra broke her arm aged about 10 or 11. We were very close at the time and sadly Sandra's dad who went to sea, took them all back to Middlesbrough. We were then in Upton Road School for Girls, I remember being very upset at Sandra going and have often wondered what became of her. The home is still there but I think it is for adults with special needs. It would be great to hear from Sandra after all these years.

Derby Pool

Village, Looking Towards Harrison Drive c1965, Wallasey
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I have lived in The Village for 75 years. I used to play out with the Uptons and I lived in Lycett Road. I would like some info on my uncle, Mr Leslie Popham, who was killed when he dived into the Derby pool - I think that it would have been in the 30's. I have some letters dated 1936 sent by his brother to a girl friend in Fieldway.

Summers at The Chalets

Chalets, Harrison Drive c1965, Wallasey
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My friend Vanessa had lovely times with our children down at the chalets, we used to rent them during the holidays, two weeks in her name and then two weeks in mine, you could only rent for two weeks. Some had an oven in as well as two gas rings to heat up beans on toast for lunches, they had deck chairs too. The children played safely under the watchful eyes of us and other parents. The summers were hotter then, we would leave for home before dark to return the next day, such happy days.

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