Wallington, The Grange Park c.1955

Wallington, The Grange Park c.1955

Neg. W11054

Memories of Wallington


I lived on the Roundshaw estate through the 70's and have great memories of playing runouts. I knew every nook and cranny of that estate. I had many friends that lived on nearly every close. I lived in Wallington for nearly 20 ...Read full memory

Swoffer Family?

Does anybody remember the Swoffer family? I lived at 43A Manor Road, my Gran and Aunt's and Uncle's lived at 81b Manor Road. I went to Elmwood School, Hackbridge, (Gone!) and later worked at Hackbridge Cables. The Grange was wonderful, Beddington Park - so BIG! All seems about 150 years ago now.

Montagu Gardens

Please if anyone has information about my family from Wallington I would be so appreciative. Gordon was a postal worker in the early 50's to 60's I know. We found the street address of Montagu Gardens on a used envelope ...Read full memory

A memory of Wallington by M.L. Acott


My mum found this site, and wow. I lived in Instone when I was 7 on the 9th floor with my mum, brother and sister, then we moved to Vulcan Close. We used to spend all our time over the field and on the decks, there used to be a ...Read full memory

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